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Review 07: Untimed (Andy Gavin..

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Review 07: Untimed (Andy Gavin)

What originally drew my attention to this book was the cover. It looks pretty sweet and dynamic, doesn’t it? Well, that’s not the only illustration that will have you drooling. Within the book are these wonderful illustrations that really brings the story to life. (I’ve included a link to the website for Untimed at the end of this post.) Gavin also has a way of giving the reader a feel for the things Charlie and Yvaine see, hear, and experience. You’re not left wanting more detail because the words give a good enough picture, and the illustrations add to your […]


Review 06: Broken Elements (Mi..

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Review 06: Broken Elements (Mia Marshall)

First off, I love that cover. If you view the larger version on Goodreads, you’ll see that it looks like someone cut out felt paper layered them on top of each other to create the finished product. I liked the use of colour (blue and orange, YES!) and the little details made me  smile. Alright, onto the book. I like these elemental stories because childhood make-believe games involved me pretending I could control water or fire. This is what got me hooked on this book. I loved reading about their powers: their origin story, how exactly they “use” their magic, […]


Review 05: Healer’s Touc..

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Review 05: Healer’s Touch (Deb E. Howell)

I have to admit, I was hot and cold for this book. I liked the world it was set in: Western meets Fantasy. I liked hearing about the different races, their specialties, and their dark little secrets, but I was left feeling like I wanted more. We get a lot of information about their world scattered in bits and pieces across the book instead of one huge package of exposition, which is good. However, I still had lots of questions at the end of the book that I hope the next one will answer. That was some of the “hot” […]


Review 04: The Truth About For..

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Review 04: The Truth About Forever (Sarah Dessen)

I picked up this book on a whim at the second-hand store and I am so glad that I did. :) I had no idea who Sarah Dessen was, but the cover looked good, and the blurb made me feel things. I really enjoyed this book! Dessen manages to steer clear of the little romance cliches that I hate: younger brother liking MC but MC likes older brother, drunken confessions at a party, and instant love at first sight. Oh YES, thank you! I was so happy when Bert wasn’t even the least bit romantically interested in Macy because I […]


Review 03: Spilled Water (Sall..

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Review 03: Spilled Water (Sally Grindley)

Do not be fooled by the whimsical-looking cover and the “Children’s” genre. This book explores some very heavy themes: a girl’s place in society (that she is somehow “less” than a boy), betrayal, abuse, child labour, inhumane working conditions, and unscrupulous employers. It did not make me cry as I thought it would, but it still tugged at my emotions and made me feel for Si-Yan. After some rudimentary Googling, I came to the conclusion that the phrase “spilled water” means something like a “waste” or I suppose “worthless.” This phrase is brought up a few times in the book, […]


Review 02: Dedication (Nicola ..

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Review 02: Dedication (Nicola Kraus & Emma McLaughlin)

I want those last few hours of my life back. I’m sorry I ever picked up this book on a whim. I wanted to throw this book out the window. Querido can attest to my strongly-worded rants about this book. Don’t worry, I will attempt to keep the language down. :) Kate, our protagonist, started off okay for me. She’s a successful thirty-year-old with a great career working as a sustainable development consultant, and even a blossoming romance with a man that we never get to meet. I liked this Kate! I was excited. I wanted her to chew out […]


Review 01: A Pocket Full of Ry..

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Review 01: A Pocket Full of Rye (Agatha Christie)

Oh boy, my first review on this blog! Alright, let’s do this. I’ve always had such an affinity for mystery novels, especially ones like Sherlock Holmes or the books of Agatha Christie. Their protagonists relied not just on physical evidence, but also carefully teasing and gleaning information from the others. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching CSI too, but there’s just something gripping about reading a story where mind games are the main stage. Technically, this novel is part of the Miss Marple series. However, the elderly gumshoe is not really the star of the show. I found this […]