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Review 16: The Young Moon (Sha..

Posted May 29, 2013 by Ana in Reviews | 2 Comments
Review 16: The Young Moon (Sharon Sant)

For my review, I just wanted to post “OH GOD. My heart my heart, my babies MY BABIES.” and leave it at that. However, doing that would not do justice to this book even though it would be an accurate description of my reaction. I absolutely loved The Young Moon! It was an amazing sequel to Sky Song because it hit all the bits that I wanted that weren’t in the first book. From learning more about the characters to seeing a bit of Astrae, this book had exactly what I wanted. It was great to see the trio back […]


Review 15: Sky Song (Sharon Sa..

Posted May 24, 2013 by Ana in Reviews | 12 Comments
Review 15: Sky Song (Sharon Sant)

Let me clear some more space from my shelf of favourites because this book just made it. I really could not put down this book because I just wanted to keep going to find out what would happen. The story is set in our world with hidden magical elements coming into play all in the life of a teenage boy who just wants to live his normal life, even though he is anything but normal. Speaking of this teenage boy, let’s talk about Jacob. I feel for this boy, I really do. You feel like you want to wrap him […]


Review 14: The Night Swimmer (..

Posted May 23, 2013 by Ana in Reviews | 6 Comments
Review 14: The Night Swimmer (Matt Bondurant)

Do you know that feeling you get when you’re floating on your back in the ocean? The waves pushing and pulling you, your eyes closed, your ears in the water, and you feel so attuned to the sea? If you stay in your little spot near the shore, nothing of very much interest happens. You are calm, and quiet. This is what I was feeling while reading this book. It wasn’t a boring book but it just wasn’t the conventional mystery that I hoped for. It was slow and nothing truly exciting happens until perhaps the middle or last third […]


Review 13: Perception (Lee Str..

Posted May 20, 2013 by Ana in Reviews | 10 Comments
Review 13: Perception (Lee Strauss)

Perception is a book that I had to let sink in before I could truly appreciate it. I admit I requested it on Netgalley because I went “Hey, what a cool-looking cover. SciFi? Alright!” My gut reaction to this book was that while it was enjoyable for an interesting premise and its scifi elements, I was still put off by the annoying protagonist and some inconsistencies (Why do you need a wig/contacts for a disguise when you have all your technology?). But when I started thinking about the bigger themes in the narrative, this book really started to shine for […]


Review 12: Fyrelocke (R. Chris..

Posted May 13, 2013 by Ana in Reviews | 4 Comments
Review 12: Fyrelocke (R. Christopher Kobb)

Have you got a younger sibling/cousin that likes fantasy books? Then I think this book would be great for them. But it doesn’t stop at younger readers because I certainly enjoyed it! Fyrelocke was an easy yet interesting read, a fun romp through the magical world that Kobb has created. It’s one of those fantasy books that you pick up when you’re in the mood for something adventurous but not too heavy. That said, it doesn’t mean that the plot is too simple or predictable. Kobb definitely led me around on some false leads and there are few twists that I […]


Review 11: Oberon’s Drea..

Posted May 10, 2013 by Ana in Reviews | 7 Comments
Review 11: Oberon’s Dreams (Aaron Pogue)

This book had an interesting premise, and I was really intrigued by its synopsis. However, I was disappointed. Pogue did make some effort to introduce this world of Jeezeli, trying to bring me into it and weave it an image that will make me feel like I’m there. Unfortunately, this did not happen. I felt detached from this book, I didn’t feel that “magic” where I just had to keep turning the pages, where I wanted to find out more about this fantasy world, and where I wanted to cheer on the characters. Don’t go into this book expecting a […]


Review 10: Hogfather (Terry Pr..

Posted May 8, 2013 by Ana in Reviews | 6 Comments
Review 10: Hogfather (Terry Pratchett)

This book reminded me why I really love Pratchett’s Discworld novels. On the surface, I get a fun and interesting story about a kickass lady named Susan (who is quite possibly the sanest person in the book, especially given her circumstances), a missing Santa Claus figure, Death exchanging his scythe for a red outfit, and a great look into the fantastical elements of Discworld. Things like fairies, gods, characters that are only supposed to exist in a child’s imagination, and the whacky wizards of the Unseen University. In Hogfather, imaginary things like the Tooth Fairy or Jack Frost or the boogeymen […]


Review 09: Death of a Fellow T..

Posted May 6, 2013 by Ana in Reviews | 4 Comments
Review 09: Death of a Fellow Traveller (Delano Ames)

I picked up this book while I was picking up a few Agatha Christie novels because I wanted to try something new by an author I had never heard of, hoping that I would discover something good. Unfortunately, this attempt fell flat. For me, good mystery books are like good magicians. They distract you with smooth sleight of hand, with gestures that are purposeful and even artistic. Authors like Christie are able to do this by leading the reader on with just the right amount of red herrings and distraction. However, this book was like an amateur magician who tries […]


Review 08: Shifting Selves (Mi..

Posted May 2, 2013 by Ana in Reviews | 2 Comments
Review 08: Shifting Selves (Mia Marshall)

Let us add this series to my existing list of “Fantasy series that I really have to follow because I love them so much”! The second book of the Elements series managed to pull down another five stars from me. At the end of the last book, I wanted to learn more about shifters like Mac and Simon, and to see more character development from characters like Vivian (and even the FBI agents). I sure got what I wanted and more! There was more of the interaction that I loved in the first book: the banter between Aidan and Sera, […]