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Review 27: Too Sexy for His St..

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Review 27: Too Sexy for His Stetson (Mal Olson)

I was very intrigued by the mystery that this book promises and I’m happy to report that it delivered well. Even though the romance between the main characters seems like it will dominate the story, it manages to keep a good balance with the suspense. There’s a lot of emotions running high in this book but they aren’t all between Blade and Brandy. The characters struggle with self-doubt, loyalty, and duty. It was interesting to read about the way life knocked them around and what made them the kind of person they were, and neither of them was perfect. Blade […]


Review 26: Dreams Less Sweet (..

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Review 26: Dreams Less Sweet (John Crowdell)

This book was creepy but in a good way. The creep factor isn’t prominent right away and at first, it felt more like a mystery to me. However, as the book progress, the creep factor sneakily went up, sending shivers down my spine as I read and feeling a bit queasy upon reading the events of the book. If you want a mix of horror and mystery, this is for you. What I really loved about this book was the Jungian psychology elements that came into it: the anima and the animus, the shadow, collective subconscious, and more. I find […]


Review 25: In Your Dreams (Amy..

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Review 25: In Your Dreams (Amy Martin)

When it comes to stories involving “the new guy in town,” I really dislike the cliche where the new guy is broody, quiet, mysterious, standoffish or has some dark past involving rumoured criminal activities. Of course, it’ll be up to our plucky main character to break his “don’t look at me, I am complicated” mask and make him smile, which shocks her because the new guy isn’t supposed to be a smiler?! Thankfully, In Your Dreams did not go down this route at all. Kieran was not the usual new guy who hates the world and Zip wasn’t the overly […]


Review 24: Keeper of the Drago..

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Review 24: Keeper of the Dragon Sword (Linze Brandon)

I feel quite torn about this book because although there were definitely parts that I enjoyed, there were some things that kept me from falling in love with this book. This is a fantasy story full of romance, action, and magic. It is so full that sometimes it does get overwhelming and it feels like an information overload. A lot happens in this book but I didn’t feel like the words flowed very well, so it came off as kind of stiff and awkward to me. The language used by the characters like “moons” and “sun cycles” for months and […]


Review 23: The Bad Girls’..

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Review 23: The Bad Girls’ Club (Kathryn O’Halloran)

I really like the cover of this book, maybe it’s the fun colours contrasting with each other, maybe it’s the graphics. Whatever it is, I think it makes for an eye-catching little book in the chick lit section. Like its cover, this book was a pretty fun romp through a story that is less “I must have this guy!” but more about forging friendships, self-discovery, and having good times. Of course, there’s drama along with all the laughs, but what kind of book would it be if there wasn’t something to balance it all out, right? Aside from that, this […]


Review 22: Gifted (Liz Long)

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Review 22: Gifted (Liz Long)

You all know how much I love books that feature characters with control over the elements, right? This book had that and more. Aside from our heroine, Lucy, the other workers in the Donovan Circus (a small part of the “gifted” world) have abilities that would slot perfectly into any comic book universe. From people who can change appearance, transport from one place to the next before you can blink, Liz Long introduces us to a whole cast of characters with these odd gifts. However, I’m not sure if I can really say that those characters are well-developed. I got […]


Review 21: Kismetology (Jaimie..

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Review 21: Kismetology (Jaimie Admans)

Have you ever picked up a book that made you laugh out loud several times, set the book down, laugh a little more, then go back to reading it? This was one of them for me. Reading this book was an absolute pleasure! Admans’ writing is witty and funny, her characters are easy to relate to, and the book seemed like it would make a great romcom movie. From Mac’s frustrating conversations with her mother to all those funny (weird and even disturbing) interactions with prospective boyfriends for said mother, I loved it all. I really wish I could have […]


Review 20: Armored Hearts (Pau..

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Review 20: Armored Hearts (Pauline Creeden & Melissa Turner Lee)

This book was an easy read that I really enjoyed. Usually when it comes to fantasy, good world-building is a must-have for me. This book, although it did not do a bad job of world-building, didn’t have as much of that as I had expected. The more surprising thing is that I didn’t mind too much. I was more attached to the characters: a boy who hates being seen as weak and hates his condition, a girl who’s smart and sassy, and their interaction. For me, this book brought me more into the minds of the characters, into their relationships […]


Review 19: Merch Girl (Rebecca..

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Review 19: Merch Girl (Rebecca Lewis)

I have very mixed feelings for this book because on one hand, I’ve never read a story featuring the merch girls of a band. Usually it’s the girlfriend of a band member, usually a fan who catches the lead singer’s eye or something and ends up as his girl and then is subject to the drama and scrutiny of the fans. This book was more of a behind-the-scenes take on that story, showing the other things that go into a tour like signings, promotions, etc. That was what I found interesting about it. It showed how band members interact with […]


Review 18: Fire (Heather James..

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Review 18: Fire (Heather James)

If you know me, books that feature characters that control elements are the kind of books that I love and would probably pick up right away. This book had an interesting premise and while I did enjoy the parts that focused on the history and world-building, I can’t say the same for some of the characters. The world-building is where this book really shone for me. I loved reading about the different Realms and the elements they controlled. Each Realm has a different kind of person, like the stubborn and prideful Helians who control fire, then contrast with the much […]