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Review 58: The Infernal Device..

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Review 58: The Infernal Devices series (Cassandra Clare)

I’ve heard a lot about this series and this author, and I’m not sure if it lived up to the hype for me. I did find reading about the different groups (Shadowhunters and Downworlders) and their practices very interesting. I enjoy fantasy and books that focus on more than one race of magical beings. However, I did not enjoy some of the drama surrounding the characters, particularly the love triangle. There were other couples in the book that I felt got hit by instalove, all for the sake of pairing them off. The pacing also felt off to me, and […]


Talk To Me 09: Finishing a ser..

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Talk To Me 09: Finishing a series that I didn’t like

Sometimes I’ll pick up a series that I hope I will like; something new that I can get excited over. However, book one ends up being a complete disappointment, for many reasons. Maybe the world-building wasn’t good, maybe I disliked the characters, maybe the book dragged, or maybe I just wasn’t feeling it. You’d think that, to save myself the trouble, I would stop reading the series. … Right? Well, not really. When I pick up a series that I know is finished and the books are easily found, I just have to finish the series. I need to know […]


Review 57: If He Had Been With..

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Review 57: If He Had Been With Me (Laura Nowlin)

This book chronicles Autumn’s growth through high school, but it doesn’t feel like the typical high school book I’ve read. From the synopsis, you can tell that it’s going to be heavier and darker. Nowlin is able to write really well about topics like depression, relationships, family troubles, and how friendships are broken. There is a lot of raw emotion, and moments are heart-wrenching and bittersweet. I really liked the characters because the book really shows their development well. Autumn has an alternative/goth chic fashion sense, which I enjoy and would someday like to try and wear. She and her […]


Weekly Digest 06

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Weekly Digest 06

Good day and thanks for joining us! Grab a cuppa, pull up a chair, and let’s talk about this week. It has been a rather busy week for me offline, which didn’t really leave me a lot of time for reading. :( Which is bad because I’m currently participating in a read-a-thon! It’s the last day and I only finished half of the books that I wanted to read. Oh well! Best not to put pressure on myself when it comes to reading, right? :) At least I’ve got a review buffer going on, so the pressure to review isn’t […]


Review 56: The Scorpio Races (..

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Review 56: The Scorpio Races (Maggie Stiefvater)

I’ve been meaning to pick up this author’s books for a while now, and I picked this because I wanted a nice little standalone title to let me get a feel for their writing. I was rather underwhelmed, but I think it was mainly because of the slow and dragging pace. Everything leading up to the races seemed like a big routine: train horses, angst about life, fight with bratty antagonist, rinse and repeat. I did like the main characters though, both on their own and as they interact. One of the most important things in Puck’s life is her […]


Instalove 101: Travelbug Insta..

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Instalove 101: Travelbug Instalove & My Story

Let me tell you a story about me. Years ago, long before I met my boyfriend, I was single and ready to mingle. My friends decided that a vacation overseas would be good for us, so we packed some bags, hopped on a plane, and landed in a foreign country. We met up with some other friends there, and I had no idea what this vacation would give me. I was in a different country, a whole new culture, somewhere I didn’t even speak the local language. Using English was passable, but most of the signs were not in English. […]


Talk To Me 08: Audiobook Habit..

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Talk To Me 08: Audiobook Habits

It took me a while to warm up to audiobooks. I tried them before and they didn’t appeal to me right away. I gave them another try recently, and realised that they were really nice to listen to! So what are my audiobook habits? #1: I need to be doing something like listening to an audiobook. If I try to listen to an audiobook while I’m just relaxing in bed, I will get bored pretty quickly. However, if I’m listening to it while I’m doing something physical, it makes good background audio. For example, I like listening to audiobooks when […]


Cover Reveal: Elements series ..

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Cover Reveal: Elements series by Mia Marshall (new covers!)

Mia Marshall’s Elements series became one of my new favourite series last year. I reviewed the first two books over at my old blog: Broken Elements and Shifting Selves. I interviewed Mia Marshall too! I won her really awesome giveaway and have some great stuff thanks to her. Guess what? Her books on sale started February 17 for 99 cents each! (Find ’em! Find ’em!) You guys, I LOVE this series and I wholeheartedly recommend these books to you! Also, check them out on Goodreads. So why do I love that series? First of all, the dynamic between the main […]


Review 55: Ever (Gail Carson L..

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Review 55: Ever (Gail Carson Levine)

This book was different from my usual Levine book because I wasn’t totally entranced by it. I’m not sure because it was just an off day for me, but this fell short of my expectations. I think it was mainly because of the writing style. However, I did enjoy Levine’s world-building and I liked the characters. In the book, I loved learning about the customs and traditions of Kezi and Olus. She’s mortal, he’s a god, so they’re bound to have some differences in lifestyle and custom. Both cultures are rich and vibrant. Kezi’s culture is full of colour and […]


Weekly Digest 05

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Weekly Digest 05

Hi-diddly-ho, everybody! How’s everyone been this week? In my offline life, I’ve been a bit busy this week, taking up new hobbies and such. Since it was also Valentine’s Day, I was able to get all cheesy with my querido. He also got me flowers, you guys. I was VERY surprised and as soon as I opened the card, I just went “AWW, YOUUUUU!” I hope you all had good days and weeks, whether you’re in a relationship or not, I hope your lives are filled with all kinds of love. :3 Okay, enough mushy stuff. Onto booky stuff! I’m really […]