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Monthly Digest: Kindle March &..

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Monthly Digest: Kindle March & April Updates

Instead of just giving you all a “what happened in March,” I’m also going to start talking about what will be coming up in April. So how did Kindle March go for me? My goal this March was to clean out my Kindle, but that didn’t work that well. I have a few more books on my Kindle I didn’t touch because they were series that I didn’t really want to start yet, or I just wasn’t in the mood. To help with this, I joined the Take Control of Your TBR challenge, and it really did provide some motivation. […]


Weekly Digest 10: Literally!

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Weekly Digest 10: Literally!

Hey there, good-looking! How you doin’? I had a pretty good week, everyone. I joined Literally thanks to the lovely Rinn, so if you have a Literally profile, add me! My username is ReadMeAway, and here’s my profile. I’ve been poking around and it’s quite cool! There are a few bugs, but that’s why we’re here to provide feedback, right? ;) I also sat down and went through my Goodreads books and listed the series that I was in the middle of reading. I ended up with less series than I thought, which is awesome! :) So my priority in […]


Giveaway: Ana’s New Favo..

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Giveaway: Ana’s New Favourites

Hello, readers! As March comes to a close, I wanted to put up a giveaway of the new books that have entered my favourites roster from January to March. Why? As a thank you to everyone who has supported me in my blog revamp/reboot. I’ve had such lovely words and encouragement from you all, and I appreciate every comment/Tweet that lets me interact with you lovely people. :’) Moving on from the cheesy words! What are the terms of this giveaway? Open INTERNATIONALLY as long as The Book Depository ships to you. List of countries here. Entrants must be at […]


Review 66: Broken Bargain (Cla..

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Review 66: Broken Bargain (Clare Davidson)

SPOILER WARNING: The synopsis and review will contain spoilers for the first book in the Hidden series, Broken Bargain. My review for the first book can be found here. I really enjoyed the first book (Reaper’s Rhythm) but I’m not sure if I enjoyed the second one just as much. Kim is still the brave and determined protagonist from the first book, but this one features the addition of the cute new guy in school. What I loved about the first book is that the story stayed firmly on track without all the crazy teenage hormones getting in the way. […]


Talk To Me 13: The Playboy Mal..

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Talk To Me 13: The Playboy Male Lead

Last week, I talked about how I didn’t really like the brooding male lead character. This week, I want to talk about the playboy book boyfriend, mainly inspired by Alex from Suddenly Royal. One of the main reasons I didn’t like that book was because the sexual tension between Alex and Sam was just so prominent and I got tired of counting how many ways Alex can say “hey girl let me take you to the BONE ZONE.” For me, there’s a difference between a sensual seductive male lead, and one that’s chomping at the bit to bed the main […]


Review 65: Chime (Franny Billi..

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Review 65: Chime (Franny Billingsley)

This book was odd for me. It had a writing style that I would normally dislike, and pacing that moved really weirdly because of the narration. Even so, I still liked this book because the writing style matches the character of Briony. The book is told from her POV, but reading about her thoughts is made even better because of the weird narration. The writing style was disjointed: pieces are missing, whether Briony just doesn’t remember it or she is keeping it from the reader. Briony knows she’s telling a story, and she paints herself as the bad one. She […]


Weekly Digest 09

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Weekly Digest 09

What’s the word, humming-bird? Another relaxed week on the blog, but very busy week for me offline. I haven’t gotten around to replying to comments or commenting on other blogs for the week, and I feel a little guilty! I promise I’ll get on that once my offline activities stop leaving me so tired! I hope your week was more relaxed than mine! This week on RMA: I reviewed Arcadia’s Gift by Jesi Lea Ryan, and found it interesting. However, I did find the pacing odd at the very end and have no real interesting to continue the series. I […]


Review 64: The Memory Game (Sh..

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Review 64: The Memory Game (Sharon Sant)

I’m going to try to make this review sound semi-coherent because this book just destroyed my feelings and it’s hard to convey it. If I wanted to, this review would just be “GREAT BOOK, MY FEELINGS ARE GONE, FIVE STARS.” But I need to write out why I liked it, because although it really frustrated me at times, it was a good reading experience. This book has so much pain, from David’s regrets after his death to Bethany and her experiences with bullying and a hard family life. Other characters are also dealing with their own pain, whether it’s grief […]


Talk To Me 12: Brooding Book B..

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Talk To Me 12: Brooding Book Boyfriends

It seems that a lot of people have a thing for the “bad boy” in books. They swoon over his angst, his dark and quiet sexiness, and dismiss his insults as just a front to cover up his true feelings. I can understand this, and I even wrote a post about it for last year’s Love Triangles 101 on my old blog. But for me, I much prefer the good guy in the books. I like the male character that is friendly and kind, the one that doesn’t react to the MC in the immediate “Ugh, get out of my […]


Review 63: Arcadia’s Gif..

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Review 63: Arcadia’s Gift (Jesi Lea Ryan)

This was a relatively short read with a lot more depth than I thought it would have. It really shows the grief of a family over Lony (Cady’s twin), and the different ways they deal with it. Whether they compartmentalise it and lock it up so they don’t feel it, or they sink into sadness and anger. I found that the dynamics of this were very well-written, and it shows that the healing process is something that someone can just speed up or fix right away. This is really what made the book for me. The characters were another good […]