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Tagged: The Book Blogger Test

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Tagged: The Book Blogger Test

I was tagged by the lovely Briana of Pages Unbound for The Book Blogger Test, and I’m happy to fill it out! Read on to find out more about some reading habits. :) 1. What are your top three book pet hates? Love interest = brain transplant: When a heroine suddenly does a complete 180 in terms of attitude all because of a love interest, I cringe. I mean, I’m all for character development but when a heroine suddenly changes everything about herself because of a love interest, I’m so out of there. Everyone’s in love with the heroine: It’s […]


Talk To Me 22: The Bitchy Mean..

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Talk To Me 22: The Bitchy Mean Girl

I’ve talked about the Plot Coupons of New Guy and New Girl before on the blog, and I enjoyed discussing them with you! Today, I want to talk about the antagonist commonly found in some stories. The Bitchy Mean Girl, or in ones set in high school, the Mean Queen Bee. The scenario: Girl McAverageteen is enjoying her time in her new school. She’s got a great group of friends, and possibly a love interest or two. Everything seems fine and dandy as they eat their lunch in the cafeteria. All of the sudden, the cafeteria doors swing open and […]


Review 78: Divergent series (V..

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Review 78: Divergent series (Veronica Roth)

I feel like I’m one of the last people in the book blogosphere to pick up this series, haha! This book has been recommended to me by friends, and I’ve finally finished the series. In a nutshell? I really like it! I know the last book had varying reactions, and I can understand why. Still, the reason why I like this series is how it examines human nature, especially the nature of good and bad. First of all, the factions. Oh, the factions were fascinating! Within factions, you had the different cultures or attitudes, and how they enforce these attitudes […]


Announcement: i..

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If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed that I was considering switching from my blog to a blog hosted elsewhere. A lot of things (like Rafflecopter widgets!) get unlocked, so I have been sitting on these thoughts for a while now. A lot of things get unlocked when you move from to a self-hosted one. *hmm-ing intensifies* — Ana (@ReadMeAway) May 20, 2014 After getting some really great replies from Charlotte, Joséphine, Trish, and Faith, I was more inclined towards it. One of the names that kept popping up was Book Host, and after hearing Rinn, […]


Bloggers Beyond Books: Let me ..

Bloggers Beyond Books: Let me interview you!

If you haven’t heard, I’ve started up a new feature on the blog that I call Bloggers Beyond Books. In this feature, I interview book bloggers about their non-bookish passions. I’ve interviewed Emily about ballet, and Joséphine about floorball. I’m in the middle of interviewing other lovely bloggers about their passions, and I’m always on the look out for more bloggers to interview! How does the interview go? I like my interviews to be more of a conversation than simple Q&A, so my interview style can be rather drawn-out if you’re more a fan of questionnaires. We start off an […]


Talk To Me 21: The New Girl

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Talk To Me 21: The New Girl

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the plot coupon of The New Guy. This week, I want to talk about the other version, The New Girl. Special thank you to Angie @ Pinkindle Reads & Reviews for her comment about it, thus making my blogger mind go “Write it! Write it!” The scenario: You are Girl McAverageteen, and your family has just moved to a different city/state/region/continent/etc. You are clearly annoyed by this development, as you feel that you have left behind practically EVERYONE from your previous school and thus your life is RUINED. Skype? Facebook? Social media? […]


Review 77: On the Jellicoe Roa..

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Review 77: On the Jellicoe Road (Melina Marchetta)

I listened to the audiobook of this way back in January, so I might be missing some parts. Apologies for being the usual scatter-brain of an Ana! :P This story is pretty long, and it felt like some parts definitely dragged. A lot of things happen in this book, and sometimes Taylor talks about them out of chronological order. It’s up to the reader to put them in order in their heads, and to really get a feel for the whole of Taylor’s story. There’s also the fact that there’s another story being told within this one, and that probably […]


Weekly Digest 12: Ana’s ..

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Weekly Digest 12: Ana’s Slow Week

This week has been a lazy week in terms of book-blogging. I haven’t replied to comments, or commented back yet. Oops! I’ve been working on some stuff offline, mainly for school and for fun. I’ve also been discussing a video game feature with Jeann of Happy Indulgence. I’m excited to get it up and running soon! :D What am I doing this week? Reading some of the books I had on my shelf last week, I hope! On my shelf: I’ve got nothing on my shelf this week that I’m going to read for fun, since I checked out books […]


Review 76: The Chaos of Stars ..

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Review 76: The Chaos of Stars (Kiersten White)

I think what saved this book for me was how it brought Egyptian mythology into the narrative, and the family dynamics involved. There were some genuine moments of thoughtful words, especially ones about life/death and love. It was those parts that I really liked. However, the book suffers from a rather bratty protagonist (not that the love interest is any better), rather flat supporting characters, rushed pacing, and moments of purple prose. First of all, the characters. I tried to like Isadora, but her bratty attitude was really getting on my nerves. While I understand that her home life is […]


Bloggers Beyond Books: Joséph..

Bloggers Beyond Books: Joséphine & Floorball

This is a feature where I interview book bloggers about their non-bookish passions. For more information, click here! Last week, I interviewed Emily about her passion for ballet. Today, I am joined by the lovely Joséphine of Dudette Reads to talk about floorball! Read onto learn what exactly floorball is, good strategies, and the life of a floorball player (injuries and all! Ouch!). I can barely hit a ball when it isn’t moving, much less keep up with the fast-paced moves in floorball! Like all interviews, she’s included some really helpful links if you ever want to take a whack at floorball. […]