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Review 85: Paradigm (Ceri A. L..

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Review 85: Paradigm (Ceri A. Lowe)

This book is told from two points of views, separated by 87 years. The POVs switch between the reader following Alice Davenport and Carter Warren, alternating chapters. Although interesting, I think this switching hurt the book more than helped it. I felt that having this split my attention, and didn’t really give the story enough time to flesh out all the characters. Alice’s story was the first book, and Carter’s was the second, I think that would have worked better. Or, if the author still wanted both stories, the first half of the book could have been Alice’s and the second could […]


Weekly Digest 16: Cleaning out..

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Weekly Digest 16: Cleaning out the wardrobe

As I was putting away some clothes this week, I noticed that my wardrobe was getting a little more stuffed than I wanted it to. We’re in the middle of winter now and I’ve been meaning to clean out my closet. Maybe I’ll do it when spring hits to make it a spring cleaning kind of thing? It would feel so nice to have space in my closet again. I don’t have any younger sisters, so my clothes aren’t going to be hand-me-downs. They’re still in good condition, but either I don’t like the style or they don’t fit me […]


Review 84: Innocent in Las Veg..

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Review 84: Innocent in Las Vegas (A.R. Winters)

It’s been a while since I tried out reading a freebie from Amazon, and I was pleasantly surprised by this book! It focuses on Tiffany Black, our protagonist who isn’t great at fighting or at questioning suspects, but one who feels real and is rather witty. While I do love it when female leads are strong and badass from the get-go, I also really appreciate the female leads that go through development to become strong and badass. Watching her try to solve the mystery, improve her skills, and deal with her personal life made for a fun little mystery read. […]


Talk To Me 26: Supporting char..

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Talk To Me 26: Supporting characters

I like it when a book has some solid supporting characters. It makes the book feel more well-rounded, lays the foundation for some good group dynamics, and provides personalities that contrast with the protagonists. Today’s post is about what I like seeing in supporting characters, and what I don’t like seeing. #1: Supporting characters that actually make sense I mean, supporting characters that are actually useful in making the book better. Maybe they’re there to provide exposition, or they’re a support system for the character, or they’re going to be a big part of the plot. I like supporting characters that […]


Review 83: Taylor Davis and th..

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Review 83: Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul (Michelle Isenhoff)

Maybe it’s because I’ve got video games on the brain, but I feel like this would have made a really great RPG-styled video game. It has the elements of a fun one: lots of action, party members with different skills and personalities, and many different areas for the protagonist to explore. Overall, this book was a fun romp through an interesting take on angels and Heaven. However, I do think it was somewhat lacking when it came to fleshing out the antagonist, and was a little slow on the pacing. First, the characters. Unlike a lot of fantasy protagonists, Taylor […]


Weekly Digest 15: Getting over..

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Weekly Digest 15: Getting over illnesses

I’ve been dealing with an on/off cold over the past week, and I’ve been trying nearly everything to help me get over it. Hot tea with honey and lemon, pills, that thing where you put a towel on your head and lean over a bowl of hot water, and anything short of using a neti pot. It feels like my cold is slowly going away, but I don’t want to give it any time to pretend to be dormant. Bleh! What do you do when you’re sick with a cold? How do you get over it? In other news, I’ve […]


Review 82: The Lightning Thief..

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Review 82: The Lightning Thief (Rick Riordan)

I really like mythology, and books that somehow bring together mythology with the modern world. Friends of mine have recommended this series to me over and over, and I finally had some time to sit down and read the first book. I am now hooked on this series! I love seeing how the different Greek gods and mythological creatures become intertwined with our world, and I really liked the characters. The pacing in this book was good, there were a few twists that kept me guessing, and moments that definitely made me laugh. First, the characters. They’re actually quite mature […]


Talk To Me 25: My “NO!&#..

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Talk To Me 25: My “NO!” moments in books

Last month, I made a post on my “YES!” moments in books. These are the moments that make me smile, and make me cheer. Today, I want to talk about the moments on the other end of the spectrum. Miranda @ Tempest Books made a comment that she has more “Nooo!” moments, which inspired me to make this post! Thanks, Miranda! #1: When my favourite character dies. I don’t need to elaborate. It’s too painful, dear reader. #2: When a character that is important to my favourite character dies. My favourite character ends up getting hurt, and falling into sadness. […]


Review 81: The Frog Princess (..

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Review 81: The Frog Princess (E.D. Baker)

Although this is a “middle grade” book, it didn’t really feel like a middle grade or children’s book. It felt like just a slightly younger Young Adult kind of book. The writing doesn’t feel juvenile or choppy, and it isn’t very simple language. I think this would be a great book for a reader who wants to transition from middle grade to young adult. If you know a young reader like that, and one that likes faerie tales, this book would be a good choice! There’s plenty of really funny moments, some that actually had me laughing out loud. The […]


Weekly Digest 14: Netgalley Qu..

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Hello, dear reader! I’ve had a pretty decent week. The only real bad thing is that I got a wicked migraine at the beginning of the week. I don’t know what brought it on, but my head felt like it was throbbing so I had to put myself to bed early. :( But, moving on to happier things! I got auto-approved for my first publisher on Netgalley! :D I had such a bad Netgalley track record when I took a break last year, but I’ve been improving it lately. I feel great, and excited to make my Feedback Ratio so […]