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Monthly Digest for August: Goo..

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Monthly Digest for August: Goodbye, Weekly Digest!

This month, I’ve been really busy with school and things of that nature. My blog was running on a schedule and I was thinking about the way I usually ran it. Then I read Asti’s post about breaking up with features, and I’ve decided to get rid of the Weekly Digest. So let’s go through the components of my typical weekly digest and see how they would work better in a monthly digest: Life updates & question for the week My life isn’t a crazy roller-coaster of fun every week. :P Sometimes I’ll have very slow and chill weeks, and I’m […]


Review 102: Saving Francesca (..

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Review 102: Saving Francesca (Melina Marchetta)

The first contemporary young adult title I read from Melina Marchetta was On the Jellicoe Road, and I think I may like Saving Francesca better. This book feels more real, with issues that I think are very relevant and things that high school students may actually go through. I like that even through there were dramatic bits, nothing seemed melodramatic. There was no crazy dramavalanche that I dislike in contemporary YA titles, but the climax felt real. It felt like it could happen, and it probably did at some point. Things like plans after high school, relationships, friendships, family troubles, and […]


Talk To Me 35: The Next Best G..

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Talk To Me 35: The Next Best Girl

Today’s Talk to Me! is inspired by Sam Tsui’s song, “Next Best Thing.” Check it out! I’ll wait, don’t worry. Catchy, isn’t it? I’ve expressed my distaste for books where the main character (MC) is pursuing a guy who is already in a relationship, actively trying to break up the couple so she can get with the guy. This time, let’s have a variation of that. Today’s discussion centres around the following situation: Girl McAverageteen has a huuuuuuge crush on Boy McEverydude, but he’s got the biggest crush on Other Girl. He and Girl are good friends, they’ve been friends […]


Review 101: Book of a Thousand..

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Review 101: Book of a Thousand Days (Shannon Hale)

Shannon Hale is quickly becoming one of my favourite fantasy authors, especially for stories that are more “traditional” fantasy fare. Kind of like Gail Carson Levine. She’ll probably be my go-to if a younger fantasy fan asks me for a recommendation. This book was fantastic! It had a great heroine: resourceful and smart, but also loving and devoted to Lady Saren. All of her stories about life before becoming a lady’s maid were sweet, but also sad. I could see how their society with its very strict social hierarchy affected how she thought of herself, and how subservient she was […]


You know what’s awesome?..

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You know what’s awesome? LitRate!

There have been many great posts about the awesomeness that is LitRate, and I just wanted to make a little post to cheer on this project. I just backed it on Kickstarter and I’m 100% excited to see it come to life! I really hope that it gets all its backers, and LitRate can be brought into this world. LitRate is the brainchild of Ashley, the same person behind Book Host and the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin. I use Book Host, the plugin, and my theme is Tweak Me, also by Ashley. These things have made book blogging just so […]


Review 100: Tiger Lily (Jodi L..

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Review 100: Tiger Lily (Jodi Lynn Anderson)

This book was sweet, sad, and had a very dreamy feel to it. I found it to be an interesting retelling of Peter Pan, especially with the focus on Tiger Lily and her tribe. I absolutely loved how it was told from the point-of-view of Tinkerbelle, who couldn’t really “read” thoughts exactly, but could see the shape and feel of most of them. It was like being able to see into the character’s heads, but not like a omniscient POV. My heart went out to Tiger Lily, for everything that she faced growing up and after she met Peter. I adored […]


Talk To Me 34: Loads and Loads..

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Talk To Me 34: Loads and Loads of Characters

There are books with a lot of supporting characters, then there are books with a lot of main characters. For the books with lots of main characters, I see it divided into two (or three, depending on how you look at it): They’re all in one group and travel/adventure together. They may get separated along the way, but they’re still allied with each other. (A subset of this would be they’re all allied, but they’re split into distinct groups.) They’re split into different groups who have their own adventures. They may know of each other (be allies or enemies), or […]


Review 99: The Demigod Files (..

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Review 99: The Demigod Files (Rick Riordan)

By now, all my reviews for the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series have already gone up. Overall, I really enjoyed the series. Time and time again, I praised it for its portrayal of the various Greek gods and how they related to the modern world. This book is a nice, if rather short, companion to the entire series. I might have enjoyed it more had I read it before I finished the series. I’m actually not sure where this book is supposed to be in the series. I know it’s somewhere in the middle, but where? If I had to […]


Read Play Blog: My love for fa..

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Read Play Blog: My love for fantasy

Read Play Blog is a meme about video games and books, posted every 16th of the month. Bloggers are encouraged to answer a discussion question, and recommend a video game that is similar to a book they liked. Hosted by Happy Indulgence & Read Me Away. Welcome to the second month of Read Play Blog! The question for August is: What is your favourite gaming genre? Remember, all the questions for the rest of the year can be found here! So join us! :) So what is my favourite gaming genre? Fantasy RPGs! Honestly, given my love for fantasy, did you see anything […]


Review 98: Thirteen Reasons Wh..

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Review 98: Thirteen Reasons Why (Jay Asher)

The audiobook format works extremely well for this story. Listening to it while walking made me feel like Clay listening to Hannah, it’s kind of funny and sad at the same time. This book made me go through so many emotions. I really wanted so badly for things to be different in the end, I was angry at the things that happened to Hannah, and I have to commend the narrators for that. They did a great job conveying the emotions of the characters. Debra Wiseman was a great Hannah, and I could really feel Hannah’s emotions through her voice. […]