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Monthly Digest for October: Se..

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Monthly Digest for October: Series and Sci-Fi

Ana’s Month Whew, this past month just FLEW by! It feels pretty crazy that October is over and that 2014 is coming to a close. I feel like January was just last week, and I would go on and reminisce about my year, but that’s what December is for! This month, I felt like I started and caught up with a lot of series that I’ve been meaning to get around to. You’ll see later in my monthly post wrap-up! Next month, Read Me Away will be all about science fiction because of Sci-Fi Month 2014. I have almost all […]


Review 118: Heir of Fire (Sara..

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Review 118: Heir of Fire (Sarah J. Maas)

Warning: This review is going to have more coarse language than usual. I try not to swear a lot in reviews, but this book absolutely warrants all my swearing because THE TWISTS ARE REAL. SO REAL. But in case you don’t like swearing, here’s a relatively clean summary… Maas just blows me away with her world-building. The world of ToG is just so varied and rich in its lore, mythology, different races, and different personalities. Her characters are incredibly memorable and well-done, and the development in this book really made me happy. She has managed to weave a tale so vivid […]


Talk To Me 44: Spooky Ooky Boo..

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Talk To Me 44: Spooky Ooky Books

My dear reader, I am huge chicken when it comes to things that are spooky ooky. I like Halloween parties and costumes but suggest going into those haunted house attractions and I will be running away before you finish your sentence. Today’s post is part discussion and part recommendation, with me talking about what makes a spooky book work for me, and some of my favourite spooky books. What do I like in spooky books? Creepy atmosphere instead of jumpscares In movies or games, I do get freaked out by jumpscares (sudden and unexpected) and I’ll probably scream. Good technique […]


Review 117: The Goose Girl (Sh..

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Review 117: The Goose Girl (Shannon Hale)

Out of the Hale books I’ve read, this one is probably the darkest. If you’re familiar with the original tale, you’ll understand why. If not, then I think you’ll find it dark anyway. Either way, if you like faerie tales, I highly recommend this book. It was full of action, swoon-worthy moments, fascinating lore, and plenty of twists. I really enjoyed reading about Ani. She starts the book as a rather unusual princess, given all of her aunt’s stories and her affinity for learning the language of the birds. Her early life is characterised by being the Crown Princess, waited […]


Review 116: Golden (Jessi Kirb..

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Review 116: Golden (Jessi Kirby)

I’ve wanted to read this book ever since I first heard about it. It was everything I wanted it to be and so SO much more. It was well-written, captivating, inspiring, had beautiful prose, realistic characters and family dynamics, and just so emotional and wonderful. This book features poetry, and one of my absolute favourite poems of all time: The Summer Day by Mary Oliver. It had great characters, all of whom I found myself getting attached to (even the secondary ones!), and the story is just put together so wonderfully that I could not put this book down. First, […]


Talk To Me 43: Book Romances I..

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Talk To Me 43: Book Romances I Like

Dear reader, you know that I’m really REALLY picky when it comes to book romances. Instalove makes me frown, love triangles make me sigh in exasperation, overly dramatic mushy moments make me want to put down a book, and ridiculous romance drama makes me want to chuck a book across the room. But there are some book romances (and non-canon pairings) that I enjoy. I don’t actively squeal or fangirl over them, but I will look at them and go “Okay, you two are cute.” What characteristics do I like seeing in book romances? Slow burn romance Yes. Yes, yes, […]


Review 115: Tommy Parker: Dest..

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Review 115: Tommy Parker: Destiny Will Find You! (Anthony Ormond)

Okay, so the synopsis says that it’s a book for kids but I thoroughly enjoyed this one! Sometimes I just need something relatively light, funny, and quick in-between very long and heavy books. This book had a gang of friends, time-travel, evil bad guys, wise old people, and just a very enjoyable story. I didn’t feel like it was too young for me (most of the time), and I can definitely see a younger friend enjoying this story too. First off, the characters. The usual kinds are here: the hero who starts off reluctant and not really knowing the power […]


Rec Time: Historical Fiction

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Rec Time: Historical Fiction

Hello and welcome to the first post of my probably not regular feature, Rec Time! In this feature, I hope to show some love to a genre or book type that needs more love on my blog. I share some recommendations, and hope for some from you, my dear reader! Today’s genre is… Historical Fiction! When I was younger, I didn’t care much for history. For me, history class meant memorising dates and names and spewing them out onto the page during exams. When I got older, history class changed for me. Instead of being about dates and names, it became […]


Review 114: Zombies Vs. Unicor..

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Review 114: Zombies Vs. Unicorns (Various Authors)

This anthology was edited by Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier, and they would have some notes/comments before each story to talk about some context or information about zombies or unicorns. Well, for most of the time I mean. The rest of the time was spent snarking about the opposite team. It was interesting, and quite funny. I’m not going to be reviewing every single short story in this anthology, but it was a fairly solid bunch of stories. Of course, there were some that just didn’t resonate with me, but most of them were really fascinating. We have our usual notions […]


Read Play Blog: Video game cha..

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Read Play Blog: Video game characters for Halloween

Read. Play. Blog. is a meme about video games and books, posted every 16th of the month. Bloggers are encouraged to answer a discussion question, and recommend a video game that is similar to a book they liked. Hosted by Happy Indulgence & Read Me Away. October: What game character would you like to be this Halloween? Hello there, dear readers! For this month’s theme, we’re going with something fun: COSTUMES! I have two video game characters that I would love to dress up as, and those two are Yuna (Final Fantasy) and Tetra (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker). Yuna (Final Fantasy) […]