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January Monthly Digest: Being ..

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January Monthly Digest: Being busy and balancing blogging

Ana’s Month I cannot believe that January is over! It’s crazy how the first month of 2015 just flew by. I guess that kind of sets the tone for how fast the rest of 2015 will go, huh? Anyway, I’ve been busy! In blogging, I’ve been trying to build up a buffer of posts and reviews that I can rely on to keep the blog running. The reason I’m doing this is that 2015 is bringing in something really big and important in my life, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to balance life and blogging as well […]


Review 140: Endsinger (Jay Kri..

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Review 140: Endsinger (Jay Kristoff)

I am now a pile of little sads. The thing about this whole series is that I got very attached to many of the characters, the couples, and I just wanted pretty much most of them to get their happy ending. But this is the final book and you know there’s bound to be some character death. Okay, there was a lot of death. There were a few that I felt were unnecessary. Not unnecessary in the “innocents caught up in a war” sense, more like unnecessary in relation to the narrative. Anyway, this book was a satisfying ending to […]


Talk To Me 56: Bad Hype?

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Talk To Me 56: Bad Hype?

Today, I’m going to talk about hype. No, not the kind of hype experience where everyone says a book is great but you get a “meh” feeling after reading it. I think there’s a name for the kind of hype I’m talking about today, but I can’t really remember it at the moment. A reminder would be much appreciated. :) So, what kind of hype am I talking about? Let’s say you pick up a book. You check out the reviews by your friends, and nearly all of them didn’t like it. But a few did, and it’s those few […]


Review 139: Water (Heather Jam..

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Review 139: Water (Heather James)

The second book of James’ Elements of Power series builds on the interesting world that she introduced in the first book. In this one, I really got a feel for the Brizan and Sephan realms. I love seeing them in contrast to the Helian and Arcan realms. The Brizan realm is very elegant in its architecture, while the Sephan one is more organic and rustic. Like in the first book, I loved Roxy in this one. For me, Roxy and her story is way more interesting than Jasmine’s POV. I also felt that Roxy’s story had more excitement, while the […]


Graphic Novel Review: Luminae ..

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Graphic Novel Review: Luminae (Bengal)

This book has a cool art style, and I love the fact that the warriors are all strong and kickass ladies. However, I felt a little lost when I started this story. Things aren’t really explained, and it feels like the book is the middle book in a series. I didn’t really understand Luminae or her situation, or why she needed to be protected. I didn’t get why there were dangerous undead creatures, why there were canine-human characters, and the history of the place. The world-building in this story felt shaky and not very well-explained. Don’t get me wrong, it […]


Review 138: The Geography of Y..

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Review 138: The Geography of You and Me (Jennifer E. Smith)

That was a cute book, I’ll admit. I went into this book because I wanted to read about a long-distance relationship, but it was very different from what I expected. I was looking forward to seeing things like scans of their postcards, or screengrabs of their e-mails. I like books that have little things like that, and having all those locations in the book would have been enhanced by maybe some things that looked like postcards or souvenirs. (Okay, maybe I’m just a little spoiled by Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson.) As someone in an LDR, it […]


Talk To Me 55: Archived ARCs

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Talk To Me 55: Archived ARCs

I tend to fall behind on reviewing ARCs a lot, and sometimes I end up missing the Archive Date of an ARC before I even got the chance to download it into my Kindle. :( I’m not very organised, am I? I am in awe of bloggers that are able to keep track of their ARCs, review them on time, and be sure that none of those ARCs are archived. So, my main wonder this week is: When an ARC gets archived, what do you do? In this situation, you have not downloaded the ARC to your e-reader and thus […]


Review 137: Kinslayer (Jay Kri..

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Review 137: Kinslayer (Jay Kristoff)

Lesson learned: Don’t have a favourite character in this series. They will go through so much suffering (at best) or have something lethal happen to them (at worst). Kinslayer was an excellent follow-up to Stormdancer, a darker and more violent follow-up. If these were roller-coasters, Stormdancer is the little one you get on, feel thrilled, get a little scared, and go “Oh, that wasn’t so bad.” Kinslayer is the one were you hang from the tracks, feeling like you are at the mercy of gravity and steel, speeding through the turns that make your stomach drop out of your body, and […]


Review 136: The Forever Song (..

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Review 136: The Forever Song (Julie Kagawa)

Well, that was an interesting ending to the series. While it didn’t blow me away like the very first book, The Forever Song was still an enjoyable read that brought together what I loved about the series: plenty of action, questions of morality, and Jackal being the resident sassymouth. It’s been a while since I read the last book, and I have to stay that I’m not as attached to the characters as I thought I was. I mean, I like them yeah but I didn’t feel very immersed in their adventure. The only one that really interested me was Jackal, […]


Read Play Blog: Anticipation i..

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Read Play Blog: Anticipation in 2015

Read Play Blog is a meme about video games and books, posted every 16th of the month. Bloggers are encouraged to answer a discussion question, and recommend a video game that is similar to a book they liked. Hosted by Happy Indulgence & Read Me Away. January: What games are you looking forward to in 2015? I’m always excited when I hear about trailers for games, because that’s the only way I actually get informed about game releases. Like book releases, I have a vague idea about when a game will come out but I never actually keep track of the actual […]