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March Monthly Digest: There go..

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March Monthly Digest: There goes my free time!

Ana’s Month My dear reader, remember when I felt okay because I had a nice little buffer of posts to keep my blog running while I was gone? Well, surprise! That buffer has steadily been updating while I have been busy with offline life, and thus been depleting. Uh-oh. I have a tiny break coming up soon so I hope I can relax and read a few books, write some posts, and just visit the book blogging world again! March was also an exciting time for the blog because it had… Away to a Whimsical Fairytale Land! AWFairyTale was an […]


Review 155: Black Heart (Holly..

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Review 155: Black Heart (Holly Black)

Black Heart was a good end to a very interesting series. It played with issues of morality and whether someone was trustworthy or good just because they were on the “right” side. Just because someone says they’re looking out for your best interests doesn’t mean that they’re going to be nice about it. There were definitely times where I wanted to punch several characters in the face because it was getting unfair. There is a lot more romantic drama in this book compared to the others, which I’m not sure was entirely needed. I think I could see why there […]


Book Breaktime: People and Ene..

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Book Breaktime: People and Energy

Book Breaktime! is normally a feature where I talk about non-bookish things that I love. But today, I guess we’re getting a little personal. Today’s post is going to be about being around people, energy, and being social. I love being around people. If there’s an event, I love meeting new people and having fun with people. Parties that aren’t too big, and things like those get-together kind of parties for new students/work employees. I love being in those and meeting people. But there are just times when I want to sit down with one friend at a coffee shop […]


Review 154: Silverwood (Betsy ..

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Review 154: Silverwood (Betsy Streeter)

I had such high hopes for this book, and I’m sad that it wasn’t the really cool science fiction-y adventure that I hoped it would be. It suffers from a textbook case of having too many characters, stretching the book’s plot between them and spreading the character development rather thin. Having too many characters makes it hard for me to actually get to know them, and thus makes it hard for me to actually care about them. There are many times in the book that the story jumps around, and I felt like new characters just kept popping up that […]


Talk To Me 63: Order not requi..

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Talk To Me 63: Order not required

So this occurred to me when I read Nuz’s review of Obsession in Death by J.D. Robb, and she mentioned that the book was the 40th in a series. It made me wonder: Do I actually have to read the first 39 books in the series to understand the whole thing? Then I wondered: what other series can be read “out of order.” By “out of order,” I mean it’s not super 100% necessary to actually read the series in order. There may be small details in later books that reference previous ones, but you don’t really need to read […]


Review 153: Red Glove (Holly B..

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Review 153: Red Glove (Holly Black)

Though I did not enjoy it as much as I did White Cat, I still feel like Red Glove was an interesting sequel. While Cassel is dealing with the consequences of what happened in the first book, it doesn’t feel like an “in-between” book that’s trying to set up for the final book. In the first book, it was a look into the secret world of workers and mafia-like worker crime families. In this one, it’s more of the relation of workers to the normal world: with non-workers and with the law. Cassel and his family are back with their […]


Review 152: White Cat (Holly B..

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Review 152: White Cat (Holly Black)

Anyone remember that TV show Leverage? It was about a group of people who used trickery and grifting for the good of their clients, who are normally ordinary people wronged by a larger and powerful body. The only thing in common this book has with that is the presence of grifting, or using tricks to get something out of someone. Basically, shady stuff that I don’t ever want to encounter in real life, but enjoy reading about in fictional works. I really liked seeing how slick Cassel was, and what goes into a con, because it’s pretty interesting. The lies […]


Read Play Blog: Co-op mode!

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Read Play Blog: Co-op mode!

Read Play Blog is a meme about video games and books, posted every 16th of the month. Bloggers are encouraged to answer a discussion question, and recommend a video game that is similar to a book they liked. Hosted by Happy Indulgence & Read Me Away. March: Do you prefer multiplayer or singleplayer games? Recommend your favourite! Hello there, dear reader! I’m a little late this month, but I’ve been really busy with offline life. I haven’t even gotten to spend a lot of time playing games, which makes me a little sad. :( Anyway, let’s get on to this month’s […]


Talk To Me 62: Reading Updates

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Talk To Me 62: Reading Updates

Reading updates, liveblogging, live-tweeting, or whatever you call it, I like seeing (almost) live reactions of friends to books that they’re reading. Especially if it’s a book that I have read, and I totally know what’s in store for them. :P When I post my reading updates, I normally use Goodreads. I like GR because it has a neat little percentage tracker on the app and I can have all my updates in one place. For example: All of my updates, all of my live reactions in one place. :) Why do I like doing reading updates? They can serve […]


Review 151: Wildwood Dancing (..

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Review 151: Wildwood Dancing (Juliet Marillier)

I reviewed this retelling of Twelve Dancing Princesses for AWFairyTale, and it’s a pretty loose retelling of the original fairy tale. I liked how Marillier incorporated Transylvanian folklore into this story. Vampires pop up pretty much everywhere in YA nowadays, with each author giving their own little spin on them. I liked Marillier’s take on it, which I think is much more faithful to the original concept. I also liked how the sisters aren’t princesses, but daughters of a merchant who are supposed to play a role in the family business somehow. Their father allows them to do what they want, […]