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Announcement: Read Me Away is ..

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Hey there, dear reader! Life has been kicking my butt lately in terms of being busy, so I have to announce that this blog will on hiatus through the month of June. This is the mid-year slump hitting my blogging life, just as things in my real life are ramping up. The month off will give me some time to build up my content, hopefully! I’ll still be checking in on Twitter, so feel free to hit me up there! <3 See you in July!


Review 172: Ennara and the Fal..

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Review 172: Ennara and the Fallen Druid

Ah, middle grade fantasy, I adore reading you. The stories aren’t too long to become info dumps, nor do they tend to drag. The characters are young, and this book captures that change in attitude from a child whose world is pretty small, to an older character who learns how to take care of things. That’s the main thing I liked about this book: the character development. Oh, the characters! Ennara, our main girl, who gets responsibility heaped onto her shoulders. She’s scared, but still goes on her journey. She started the novel very unsure of her own powers, but […]


Talk to Me 72: Reading Ebooks

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Talk to Me 72: Reading Ebooks

Ebooks are a (relatively) new thing to me, because I have spent most of my life reading books but only really started loving ebooks last year. Specifically, ebooks from the library. Thank you, Overdrive and Borrowbox! I usually use my iPad for reading my borrowed ebooks because my library hasn’t got in on the whole “omg you can make it possible for them to borrow on their Kindle” thing yet. Unfortunately, my old iPad has decided to just… Fizzle out. :( Bereft of my tablet, I wondered what device I could use for reading my borrowed ebooks. My phone, of […]


Review 171: Beyond the Shroud ..

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Review 171: Beyond the Shroud (V.M. Jones)

Adam just can’t seem to catch a break in school or in Highgate, can he? Seriously, how he’s treated by the Matron of Highgate and his own teachers is just disgusting. I hope the next book has the poor kid out of Highgate, or at least under better conditions. I really like the relationship that Adam and Q have built, because Q actually listens to Adam. In MG books, I adore adult characters who actually take the time to listen to the young protagonist, instead of just brushing them off. Did I like this book as much as the first […]


Book Breaktime: YouTube Shows

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Ah, YouTube. Ten years ago, it began and changed how we share and enjoy videos… FOREVER. *dramatic music* I like watching shows on YouTube, whether it’s gameplay or cooking or beauty, all kinds! In this post, I talk about some of my favourite YouTubers! Gameplay Ah, the gaming YouTube community. I think watching let’s players/gamers has opened up more games to me. A good example of this is Olizandri’s Child of Light playthrough. The gorgeousness of the game made me watch the series, and the series made me buy the game! Another gaming YouTuber I like is Andrew Arcade, who normally […]


Review 170: Forest Born (Shann..

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Review 170: Forest Born (Shannon Hale)

I believe this is the last book in the series, or perhaps just the latest one, but either way I still enjoyed it. Maybe I didn’t enjoy it as much as the previous one, River Secrets, but I liked this one because it expands on the magic/language system in The Books of Bayern. Sure, there are the older ladies with their elemental magic, but this one had a completely different kind of magic and it was fascinating to see how differently it affects the user. So, the characters. In the very first book, Isi was a completely different girl. In […]


Talk to Me 71: Healthy friends..

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Talk to Me 71: Healthy friendships in books

Dear readers, you know that I really love some well-developed main characters in the books that I read. Know what else I love? A set of well-developed supporting characters who are more than just stock character tropes and/or animated background props. Know what I love even more? When these two things combine to make a super awesome and realistic friendship that does not have to become romantic. Why? Because I get bored of “girl vs girl” scenarios in YA books where the new girl in town immediately earns the ire of another set of girls. Because I don’t understand why […]


Review 169: The Serpents of Ar..

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Review 169: The Serpents of Arakesh (V.M. Jones)

This story was good ol’ middle-grade adventure and fun. Okay, there are a few swear words in there that I would not necessarily expect to see in a middle-grade book, but it’s good ol’ fun anyway. The story started out like something I thought I had read before (and probably written about before, a long time ago), but I really enjoyed it for the fun character interactions and the world-building. First, the characters. Oh, Adam you poor child. Adam has all the makings of a scrappy orphan character: doesn’t do well in school, not particularly well-liked because he’s pretty rough […]


Read Play Blog: Set up wishlis..

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Read Play Blog: Set up wishlist!

Read Play Blog is a meme about video games and books, posted every 16th of the month. Bloggers are encouraged to answer a discussion question, and recommend a video game that is similar to a book they liked. Hosted by Happy Indulgence & Read Me Away. May: Show off your gaming set up! Okay, I have to confess… I do not have a proper gaming “set up.” GASP! It’s because most of my gaming is mostly done on my laptop that I use for work, or on my phone. Consoles? Nope, I don’t really have space or time for console games […]


Review 168: Love, Lucas (Chant..

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Review 168: Love, Lucas (Chantele Sedgwick)

There’s something about books that deal with grief and mourning that just grab me, and make me want to delve deep into them. There are many different settings and frames for a story about grief, and this one was a sweet and realistic take on it. Sedgwick is able to portray the emotions of the characters very well, especially Oakley’s grieving process and how it affects how she relates to other people. First, the characters. Oh, Oakley. I just wanted to wrap her up in a blanket and give her hugs. Her sadness and anger were so palpable through Sedgwick’s […]