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Recommendation Time: Science F..

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Recommendation Time: Science Fiction (and Sci-Fi Month 2015)

Recommendation Time is a feature where I rec books from a particular genre and ask for recs from you, dear reader! Welcome to the first edition of the overhauled Recommendation Time! As per my quest to change up my features this month, I wanted to combine the idea of taking recs from the readers with my existing rec feature. So our first genre is… Science Fiction! Why? Because Sci-Fi Month 2015 is coming soon, and I am looking for new books to read this month and October, hopefully to build up some kind of review buffer. :P I had great […]


Review 192: Lost Causes (Mia M..

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Review 192: Lost Causes (Mia Marshall)

Just when I thought this series couldn’t get any more exciting or engaging, this book comes along and causes the entire series to take a very dramatic (and very awesome) turn. I could go on about how much I adore the characters, the relationships, etc. But I think I’ve already talked loads about those in my reviews for the other books, so let me summarise my love for the characters: They’re all awesome, complex, interesting, and no one really ever has purely good or evil motivations for what they do. SO, let’s move on to the meat of this review. […]


Talk to Me 83: Personal Detail..

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Talk to Me 83: Personal Details

Tell me something, dear readers. What personal details do you know about me? Probably not a lot. A couple of people probably know where I’m blogging from. I talk about my boyfriend a few times. Maybe some of you have guessed some details about me? :) I don’t like sharing a lot about myself on this blog because I feel like it’s a rather public platform. Or at least a platform that is less private than what I’m used to. For example, I do have personal accounts on various social media sites but those are all mostly locked up to various […]


Review 191: The Mysterious Ben..

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Review 191: The Mysterious Benedict Society (Trenton Lee Stewart)

This was another book that I picked up on a whim, and I did like it. I listened to the audiobook while taking care of some things around the house, and it really got me in the zone while I worked. The characters are distinct from each other, and the little puzzles (especially in the beginning) made me really happy because I do like puzzles! I guess where this book falls short for me is the relatively fast wrap-up at the end, and some character development issues. Speaking of the characters, I liked them for the most part. I mean, […]


Talk to Me 82: Middle Grade Fa..

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Talk to Me 82: Middle Grade Fantasy

You know what I’ve been thinking about? Middle Grade fantasy titles. I’ve been in kind of a reading slump lately and I’ve tried reading something from my favourite genre, fantasy, to snap me out of it. When I’m in a reading slump, I need either something funny or something light and fun. Lately, that something has been one of two things: A book by Sir Terry Pratchett (funny, but not always light, and that’s alright because I love them) A title that’s Middle Grade Fantasy Today, I’m going to talk about why I like Middle Grade fantasy books, and maybe […]


Read Play Blog: Surprised by a..

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Read Play Blog: Surprised by a game!

Read Play Blog is a meme about video games and books, posted every 16th of the month. Bloggers are encouraged to answer a discussion question, and recommend a video game that is similar to a book they liked. Hosted by Happy Indulgence & Read Me Away. Hey there folks! Before I start today, two important things! My dear co-host, Jeann, is on a break right now so you’re only getting me for this month’s RPB. Please send her the best of vibes! Send her lots of love! We’ve decided to combine the Currently Playing and Recommendation sections into one, so if […]


Review 190: The Tale of Desper..

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Review 190: The Tale of Desperaux (Kate DiCamillo)

In this book, I expected lots of exciting adventure! Action! I didn’t expect to get my heartstrings played like the one guitar at the musician jamming session. This is an incredibly touching book about redemption, wishes, forgiveness, and morality. It’s sweet, dark, scary, and sad all at the same time. The book was short, but oh gosh it carries so much weight. Betrayal, parental death, abandonment, etc etc. Just… Whoa. What I really love is how the character-writing, because pretty much all the main characters have been dealt a bad hand in life. Desperaux, a teensy tiny mouse (even by mouse […]


Review 189: Princess in Disgui..

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Review 189: Princess in Disguise (E.D. Baker)

I picked up this book because I wanted a nice and light little fantasy story to help me out with my reading slump. I feel like the short but sweet books are great for getting me to read because I just don’t feel like reading some of the longer books. And this book was exactly that. Short, sweet, not too heavy on the mystery, but enjoyable. Like having a snack of cotton candy. What I love about Annie and Liam’s relationship is that it’s been pretty subtle these past books, mostly told in what they do for each other instead […]


Talk to Me 81: Peer influence ..

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Talk to Me 81: Peer influence on book enjoyment

It’s really great when you find a friend that you can discuss a book with because they love it to. You two trade theories, make alternate scenarios for your favourite characters, etc. It brings me back to the days of when my friends and I used to watch the same TV shows, talk about the characters, re-enact scenes and pretend to be part of that world, play games, etc. A while later when our interest for it had dwindled, I returned to watch the TV show on my own and realised “… Yeah, this isn’t as good as I thought it […]


Review 188: Men at Arms (Terry..

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Review 188: Men at Arms (Terry Pratchett)

What I love about the Discworld books is that I can read them out of order but the stories still make sense. I’ve read Guards! Guards! where the City Watch is basically a laughing-stock with not much to their name. I’ve read the later books where the Watch is fully functional with their diverse set of characters and branches. Then there’s this book that I think shows the turning point for the Watch. First, the characters. There’s the old favourites like Vimes, Carrot, Colon, and Nobby. In the later books, we see characters like Detritus and Angua who are already […]