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Review 198: The Next Together ..

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Review 198: The Next Together (Lauren James)

This book has two things that I really like: things that supplement the prose (e.g. newspaper clippings, text messages, e-mails) and the notion of reincarnation where two lovers find each other in different time periods. The supplementary things just add lots of personality to the characters and to the world that they live in. I honestly LOVE looking at the tiny details in the supplementary material. And as for the latter aspect, it’s just so… Sweet! They manage to find each other and fall for each other each time, but then get torn apart by something. It’s also pretty tragic. […]


Review 197: Lock In (John Scal..

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Review 197: Lock In (John Scalzi)

WHOA. This book! There are so many things I like about this book that I barely know where to begin. But I’ll try. Here’s a list: premise, the combo of mystery and sci-fi, characters, and the pacing. It’s been a while since I was really fully absorbed in a book, and I’m glad it was this one. First, the premise. Haden’s, the idea of being “locked in” and everything around that disease is just so fascinating! The technology that came along for the benefit of them was really interesting. It’s hard to picture through words, but I bet it would […]


Ana the Blogger & Ana the..

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Ana the Blogger & Ana the Site Mascot

(Alternative title: LOOK at this lovely artwork that the awesome Nick Beecher did! I am still reeling over how much I adore it!) This post is probably unnecessary but I still wanted to talk about Ana the Site Mascot aka Anavatar aka the orange-haired character whose image I use on social media sites to represent myself. First off, let me just say that “Ana” is not my real name but is derived from a rather obscure nickname that I have. (The translation is a little roundabout, long story, BUT ANYWAY.) While I was thinking up this post, I started thinking […]


Review 196: Two for the Road (..

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Review 196: Two for the Road (Ekta Garg)

You know what I love the most about Garg’s stories? I look at her characters and I know I’ve met this kind of person before. She’s able to write different characters so well, with all their contrasting attitudes and mannerisms. I can relate to her characters because the things that are happening to them are just so normal. Not a bad way! I love that her stories have characters that go through real things because her stories don’t need some crazy outlandish movie/sitcom-esque drama. Although I have to admit that I wanted to smack Cassie and say “Get your act […]


Talk to Me 86: Time to play WA..

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Talk to Me 86: Time to play WATHFOP!

This month, I’m joining in Sci-Fi Month 2015 and all my science fiction-related posts will be for that! Join me, join us, and let’s have a blast together! Today, let’s play… What Are They Hiding From Our Protagonist? In science fiction books, it’s common for the main character to discover the big secret behind their government, futuristic corporation, utopian society, commune, etc. Today, I want to talk about some of the common ones. I won’t be giving any specific examples because that would give away the big twist in the story, but I bet you’ll be able to think of […]


Read Play Blog: Time for books..

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Read Play Blog: Time for books and time for games!

Read Play Blog is a meme about video games and books, posted every 16th of the month. Bloggers are encouraged to answer a discussion question, and recommend a video game that is similar to a book they liked. Hosted by Happy Indulgence & Read Me Away. November: When do you game and when do you read? My free times during the week are in the evening, when I come home and all I want to do is lie down and sleep. :P Or relax by watching videos on YouTube. That’s usually what ends up taking precedence: videos on YouTube. But after […]


#ICallMyselfAFeminist: Women i..

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#ICallMyselfAFeminist: Women in STEM fields

So I was talking with the lovely Nuz @ Word Contessa and she brought up this idea for a collab post, inspired by the book “I Call Myself a Feminist“. I haven’t read the book (I really want to!) but when she told me about this idea, I felt motivated to jump in and post about a feminist issue really close to my heart: women in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. The short version: I call myself a feminist because STEM fields can be a real boy’s club: gender ratios, pay gaps, and how women scientists are […]


Talk to Me 85: Opposing groups..

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Talk to Me 85: Opposing groups in science fiction

This month, I’m joining in Sci-Fi Month 2015 and all my science fiction-related posts will be for that! Join me, join us, and let’s have a blast together! You know what I love reading about in science fiction books? When the aliens or rebels or non/augmented humans or vaguely humanoid insect people have depth and complexity that contrasts against the protagonist’s group. Basically, I like a book where the interactions between the groups are very interesting from a sociological point of view. Dystopian: government vs ordinary people Probably the most common type that I see in sci-fi/dystopian (see last week’s discussion […]


Review 195: Sky Jumpers (Peggy..

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Review 195: Sky Jumpers (Peggy Eddleman)

I’m so glad I went into this book blind because the synopsis gives away the main conflict of the story! OOOHHHHH NOOOO. If I had read the synopsis before, I probably would have been very bored with this book. But since I didn’t, I thought it was a rather fun little story. It wasn’t what I was expecting though. With a title like Sky Jumpers, I was expecting something with more… Sky jumping. I was expecting some kind of epic sky city, sky battles, etc. I didn’t get that. I got the story of a young girl and her community […]


Ana’s Favourites: Ouran ..

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Ana’s Favourites: Ouran High School Host Club

Ah, this series. A few years ago, I was obsessed with this series. I absolutely loved it. I heard about it through friends, watched an episode and fell in love. I remember watching DVDs of this series and hearing “KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE!” at the beginning of the opening so many times. Here’s the theme song! Ah, brings back good memories. I’ve also been rewatching the series on Netflix and the series is still sweet and funny and cute to me, after all these years! The manga is longer and I really want to read it. I know, I […]