Month: February 2016

Monthly Digest: The month of n..

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Monthly Digest: The month of new starts!

Wow, a monthly digest! How long has it been? According to my archives, the last Monthly Digest was… In July! Hot dang, dear reader! I’ve really let this feature waffle, haven’t I? But February was a chance for new starts and in this digest, I want to talk about new blog things! First, the layout that uses art that I commissioned from the awesome Nick Beecher. Seriously, if you need some awesome-looking art, drop him a line! He’s really nice, and I think his art’s pretty dang cool! :D This layout uses the ever-dependable Tweak Me v2 and resources from […]


Talk to Me 90: One book, many ..

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Talk to Me 90: One book, many formats

Audiobooks, e-books, and print books. Those are the formats I usually read books in, though I’m leaning more towards the first two nowadays because they are more easily accessible. I also tend to listen to audiobooks when I’m on the go and generally can’t just sit still while listening to them. If I start reading a book in e-book format, or listening to it in audiobook format, I hardly ever switch. I know other bloggers enjoy switching between the different formats, but either I forget or I just can’t be bothered, haha! So today, I want to talk about my […]


Review 204: Red Queen (Victori..

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Review 204: Red Queen (Victoria Aveyard)

Well, that was pretty underwhelming, and a little bit confusing. I think it mostly had to do with me not really getting a grasp on the world that Aveyard was trying to build. I hear of kings and queens and superpowers, and I think that it’s magic and my mind clicks to a fantasy setting like Game of Thrones. But then we have all this crazy technology and weapons and it seems like another futuristic dystopian title. And it made me think more of like… The Hunger Games or something with a similar level of technology. “But Ana,” you say. […]


Minireviews: Graphic novel tim..

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Minireviews: Graphic novel time!

A while back, I decided to try out my library’s graphic novel catalogue. As you can see, one trial turned into BINGE READING, WOO! Hence, minireview time! Okay, that book was so CUTE! For reals, the vibrant and dynamic art serves its equally and vibrant story so well. The characters are super fun, and I definitely saw parts of my younger self and my friends in the characters. Telgemeier puts together such a lovely story about middle schoolers trying to put on a play, but also discovering new things about themselves and each other along the way. For me, it […]


Review 203: You Deserve a Drin..

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Review 203: You Deserve a Drink (Mamrie Hart)

I adore Mamrie Hart. I love her humour, her puns, her recipes (for BOOZE WOOHOO), and just her incredibly fun personality. (Also man, her wardrobe. I want her clothes!) I’ve been a follower of her series ever since I saw this video: Sidenote, I made this drink/punchbowl of death for my friend’s birthday party. She loves the Vlogbrothers and the party was at her house, so OF COURSE THIS HAD TO HAPPEN. I also had to taste-test the recipe at my flat before going to the party so you can imagine that we had quite the time that evening. (Further […]


Talk to Me 89: Proofreading yo..

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Talk to Me 89: Proofreading your posts

I tend to write almost all my posts in Microsoft Word, so the neat little spell-checker and auto-correct thing helps make sure that my posts do not contain any spelling or grammar terrors. :P But proof-reading doesn’t only help with spelling/grammar, it can help with the flow of a post or a review. But do I proof-read my posts? Not really. I generally have a structure in my head for my reviews and discussions, but I don’t stick to it all the time. Sometimes I just post whatever my fingers decide to type up that day. Sometimes that post ends […]


Review 202: Illuminae (Amie Ka..

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Review 202: Illuminae (Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff)

WOW THAT WAS COOL Like, REAL COOL. The story is told through all kinds of things, including some that I just didn’t expect at all but really carried the story so beautifully. Or horrifically. In a good way. In a “wow, this is really compelling and this HORRIBLE THING has me so tense and absorbed and INVESTED” kind of way. Kaufman and Kristoff weave a story so exciting, interesting, tragic, horrifying, and just so AMAZING. It’s hard to really form coherent thoughts about this book because it’s told in such a unique fashion. It’s not just letters and IMs and […]


Review 201: The 6th Extinction..

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Review 201: The 6th Extinction (James Rollins)

I used to LOVE James Rollins books. I’m talking “automatically buying his books whenever I saw them at the bookstore” kind of love, and reading them within the day because I’d always be so excited. I still like them. Sure, they seem to follow a specific formula: good thing gone wrong, blast from the past, team gets split up, everything resolved in the nick of time, etc. But I like them! They’re like watching an action movie. And the movie comparison is really apt. Rollins’ writing style is one where it cuts away just at the exciting moment in order […]


Talk to Me 88: Rating Distribu..

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Talk to Me 88: Rating Distribution

For me, three stars is what I would define an “average” book. I liked it, but it just didn’t grab me or make me want to keep reading it the way or a four-star or five-star book would. So you would think that my usual rating is three stars, right? That’s what I thought too, until I had a quick gander at my rating statistics. … Well, it looks like there’s a bit of a skew happening there. It seems that I more commonly rate books towards the higher end of the rating scale, with most of them landing at […]


Review 200: Ten Thousand Skies..

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Review 200: Ten Thousand Skies Above You (Claudia Gray)

I really loved the first book in this series. Like, a lot. I’m absolutely fascinated by the multiverse theory and reading a book that involves all this dimension-hopping makes me really happy. It also doesn’t hurt that the romance between Marguerite and Paul just makes me swoon! This book? Well, it did remind me of all the lovely reasons why I loved the first one and revealed something that sets up something pretty epic for the third book in the series. But… It just didn’t have the magic of the first book for me. I fell in love with the […]