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Anavatar made using DreamSelfy

I’m Anahera, hello! You can call me Ana. Most of the time, I’m a student trying to wade her way through all the academic texts assigned to her. After a long day, I love to unwind with a book. I started this blog to get back into reading more and discovering new authors and titles to love! I’ll pretty much read anything except for horror or books with a lot of violence. My favourite genres are fantasy, science fiction, comedy and romance.

Above is an image of my avatar, or Anavatar as I call her. I do not actually look like that. I wish my hair were as fabulous, and my dresses as cute, but alas! I use Anavatar to represent myself on social media sites.

Book Loves:

  • Slow-burn romances
  • Well-crafted mysteries
  • Character development
  • Strong female characters and friendships

Book Pet Peeves:

  • Insta-love
  • Love triangles
  • Information dumps
  • Fantasy books that end up being about romance instead of about the adventure

I started blogging on 12 April 2013 but that was on my old book blog: Anahera Reads. At the tail end of 2013, I found myself becoming way too busy to maintain it. I decided to change up my blog in a big way by moving it entirely! I moved to another WordPress blog, Read Me Away, and after a few months, I made the jump to being hosted by the wonderful Book Host.

Weekly Blog Schedule:

  • Monday: Review
  • Wednesday: Discussion
  • Friday: Review
  • Sunday: Special (interview, graphic novel review, etc)

Posts Scheduled on Specific Days:

So feel free to browse around my site, join in on some discussion posts, and share the book love!

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