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  • Not for The Faint

    By B-Mang
    This speaks directly to me and how I’m wired. I was always a hard headed entrepreneur and let the world wear me down to average. This book sharpened my edge and brought me back to life. When you don’t have a coach at hand you have this book to fill in the gaps.
  • Great

    By Andre Balser
    Amazing book and very motivating! Told me what I already had in the back of my head all along!
  • Saying Goodbye to Average!

    By Jordan W..
    This book opened the gateway for my obsessions and has influenced me to be more committed to escaping the routine of being average!
  • Absolutely amazing

    By michael. ortiz
    This book blew my mind! Absolutely amazing!! The absolute most motivational book I’ve ever read. Definitely a must read for anyone in a slump and need a pick me up and some self reassurance.
  • A must read for any entrepreneur

    By Pbh1210
    This was my first introduction to Grant Cardone—the hilarious airplane cover and catchy title intrigued me. I’m so glad I did. It was so powerful that I am on to his other literature, follow social accounts (his wife, Elena, is worth following too), and am listening to the lessons of each chapter on repeat as I commute and travel. If the voice and ideas inside you to make money for you/your family while delivering a service or product that will make lives better, this is the book (and mogul) who will help inspire you to seize your purpose and build the life you’ve envisioned. I’m in the knowledge acquiring stage of my journey, but can’t wait to move into the next phase.
  • Greatest book of our century

    By Portland's number one Realtor
    Grant gave me this book before it was released bc I promised him I would leave a review. And here it is!
  • Last Day Being AVERAGE!!!!!!

    By Eric S Camacho
    This is the first book I have ever truly finished reading and must I say it seems as if it was the perfect tool for making my transition possible! It hit every section of my life spot on, Cardone is forsure a Sniper Shooter ! After a year sealed in my room plotting, evaluating and attempting how I can become rich, I am finally on my way to get there. I am 20 years old, opening my first business this coming year and must I say this book is guiding me first class. Cardone, I thank you. One of the greatest of our decade #beobsessed
  • If you don't buy the book..

    By JoshuaCarmona9
    You are missing in that missing link that is going to push you to your next level. Forget about how Grant make his comments, hear the essence of his message. Definitely a life changing book. Been with it for 2 weeks and I already have heard it 4-5 times! Just Powerful!
  • Meh

    By Matt131389
    Not much content in this book. A lot of repeated sentences with the hashtag #beobsessed and his Twitter handle. To sum up the book, be the annoying salesman with confidence and don't be a quitter. Typical pump you up book with regurgitated thoughts to add 100 pages.
  • A must read

    By AoM_Retro
    Be Obsessed or Be Average is a must read for anyone no matter the age. You will have a fire lit under you after you read this book that will make you want to be obsessed with your passion. Grant Cardone is the man!