Sorry Not Sorry - Naya Rivera

Sorry Not Sorry

By Naya Rivera

  • Release Date: 2016-09-13
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 516 Ratings)


Funny and deeply personal, Sorry Not Sorry recounts Glee star Naya Rivera's successes and missteps, urging young women to pursue their dreams and to refuse to let past mistakes define them.

Navigating through youth and young adulthood isn't easy, and in Sorry Not Sorry, Naya Rivera shows us that we're not alone in the highs, lows, and in-betweens. Whether it's with love and dating, career and ambition, friends, or gossip, Naya inspires us to follow our own destiny and step over--or plod through--all the crap along the way. After her rise and fall from early childhood stardom, barely eking her way through high school, a brief stint as a Hooters waitress, going through thick and thin with her mom/manager, and resurrecting her acting career as Santana Lopez on Glee, Naya emerged from these experiences with some key life lessons:

-  All those times I scrawled "I HATE MY MOM" in my journal. So many moms and teenage daughters don't get along--we just have to realize it's nothing personal on either side.
-  At-home highlights and DIY hair extensions. Some things are best left to the experts, and hair dye is one of them.
-  Falling in love with the idea of a person, instead of the actual person.

Not Sorry:
-  That I don't always get along with everyone. Having people not like you is a risk you have to take to be real, and I'll take that over being fake any day.
-  Laughing at the gossip instead of getting upset by it.
-  Getting my financial disasters out of the way early--before I was married or had a family--so that the only credit score that I wrecked was my own.

Even with a successful career and a family that she loves more than anything else, Naya says, "There's still a thirteen-year-old girl inside of me making detailed lists of how I can improve, who's never sure of my own self-worth." Sorry Not Sorry is for that thirteen-year-old in all of us.


  • This book is AMAZING!

    By aifoi.zed
    I LOVE IT... Naya really tells her story to the fullest, it’s as if you’re actually there with her the whole time🥺 It’s so funny and CUTE at the same time♥️ I can’t express how much joy this book gave me. She is missed and NEVER forgotten! I feel like I actually met her and really know her now😊
  • Didn’t know her, but after this book I feel like we’re friends!

    By Re'G'ina
    I loved the narration. Felt as though she was talking to her friends. The stages of life are awkward/adventurous/ and much more. We’re almost the same age (I’m 2 years younger) so the stages and timeframe is very much familiar. I’m glad I read this book. Rest peacefully Hero Naya!
  • Guess her book sells more now

    By carebear 3
    So would she have gotten so many rave reviews were she still alive? Pretty sad as a society people are really not valued or their art is not appreciated until their dead.. I.e. Vincent Van Gogh, Kurt Kobain, etc
  • Amazing ❤️

    By Emgold04
    I’m reading this now and wish I had done it much earlier. I grew up watching Naya on Glee and was just amazed at the incredible amount of talent she had. I’ll never forget the impact she made on my life. Rest In Peace, Naya. Miss you so much already.💜🦋
  • best book ever.

    By I want storage
    this is my second time reading it all the way through and i’ll definitely be reading it again some day. i love this book so much, she was so real in it and gave some really motivational quotes that i will carry with me forever. rip naya rivera❤️
  • Rest In Peace

    By Hereinyourarms33
    I will forever miss Naya. She deserved so much more time than she got, and I’m glad we at least have this book. ❤️
  • Great book

    By mvxvfcvhjjbxddvb
    One of the best books I’ve read
  • Fav book

    By WonderWoman547
  • It’s a must read!

    By Kenn. T
    I bought this book in 2016, a young fan of Naya, read it and just thought wow she has gone through so many trials in her life, and look at her now doing amazing thing. Flash-forward to today, I have just re-read it in 2020 and I am old enough to process everything in this book better than I did the first time around. I see so much of myself within these pages, a motivated young lady who only wants the best for herself, and is willing to do it because she knows she can. I found myself crying in the last three chapters because I have never read a book that exposed similar emotions that I have had, and some similar experiences that I had/have went through. Thank you Naya, for inspiring me in the past and still doing it four years later. One day I hope to thank you in person!

    By MadamOvaries
    While reading this I actually felt like Naya was reading it to me. You can feel her beautiful down to earth personality flowing from the pages. Naya Rivera is just packed full of talent and beauty. Fabulous actress, model, artists, and writer. I give this a 💯,hands down one of my favorite books!!