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Walt Whitman

By Walt Whitman

  • Release Date: 2018-04-12
  • Genre: Poetry


Walt Whitman: Poetry and Prose. Life and complete works.

Walt Whitman is considered the great representative of free verse and American style. His poetry has been a source of inspiration for later authors.

In this iBook you can enjoy on your iPhone and iPad the most famous work of Whitman: "Leaves of Grass".  Among the poems in the collection are "Song of Myself", "I Sing the Body Electric", and "Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking". Later editions included Whitman's elegy to the assassinated President Abraham Lincoln, "When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd" "Oh Captain! My captain!"...

In addition to "Leaves of Grass" there is a complete collection of Walt Whitman's writings in prose and the complete biography "A LIFE OF WALT WHITMAN BY HENRY BRYAN BINNS" which includes more than 30 photographs and illustrations.

Walt Whitman was the son of a Dutch mother and a British father. He was the second of the nine siblings of a family with financial resources.
He spent only occasionally at school and soon had to start working.

Walt Whitman is probably the greatest American writer and is considered one of the best poets of universal literature.

His writing, epic, vital and free, was a revolution in his time and marked the beginning of modern poetry in his country.

From their literary sources have drank authors of the caliber of Oscar Wilde, León Felipe, Rubén Darío, Fernando Pessoa, Wallace Stevens, T. S. Eliot, D. H. Lawrence, Federico García Lorca, Pablo Neruda, Henry David Thoreau, Jorge Luis Borges, etc.