Physiology - Patrick Eggena


By Patrick Eggena

  • Release Date: 2020-01-06
  • Genre: Textbooks


This ebook is for instructors and their students who have completed a human physiology course and are interested in entering the field of medicine as nurses, nurse practitioners, or doctors.
In this ebook, students follow the author for 13 nights on his 16-hour tour in a hospital.  They see and experience everything that happens there at night and learn how to relate patient care to basic principles in physiology. 
 Instructors learn how to test their students’ ability to integrate and apply what they have learned in lecture by supplementing multiple choice exams with graphic essays.  These consist of drawing figures, sketching graphs, writing formulas, making flow charts, or performing calculations which are rapidly inspected by instructors for completeness and accuracy. For that purpose 118 essay questions with answers and case discussions are included in this ebook.