Flames of Chaos - Amelia Hutchins

Flames of Chaos

By Amelia Hutchins

  • Release Date: 2020-01-21
  • Genre: Epic
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 390 Ratings)


Aria and her sisters return to the Human Realm of Haven Falls to find one of their own that’s gone missing. They soon discover things have changed in the Human Realm and that nothing is what it seems, including Knox, the egotistical, self-centered, frustratingly gorgeous man who declared himself King during their absence.
Sparks fly when the two enter a fiery battle of wills as Aria learns she is more than just a witch in the Hecate bloodline; she is much, much more.
Will Aria embrace her savage side to find her sister and save her family, or will she burn to ashes from his heated kisses and burning hot embrace?
Knox has ulterior motives for being in Haven Falls and never expected the little witch to show up and brazenly challenge his rule.
It was supposed to be easy; get in and get out. Move pieces into place and set the stage for the war he’s been planning for over five hundred years. Aria is his sworn enemy but something within her calls to him and he hates himself for craving the fiery kisses that have reignited his cold, dead heart. One taste, and he thought he could get her out of his system. He was wrong.
Will Knox let go of the memories of the past, driving his need for revenge that will destroy the pretty little witch he craves, or will he push the boundaries to fight for and claim what is his by right? Either way, war is inevitable. And nothing will stop him from reaching for what is his.
18 and over.


  • Loved it!

    By AlaskanIceMom
    Great book, I am in love with everything Amelia Hutchins writes!
  • Must read

    By B.B.Lucas
    I am an avid reader and have probably read nearly a thousand books in recent years. This world Amelia Hutchins has created in the Legacy of Nine Realms with a beautifully loving and strong heroine and a flawed and ruthless hero/anti-hero alpha who manhandles the heroine in extra-spice-sexy scenes is just incredible. There is smuttyness, but more than that there is a great story that digs deep into us readers and becomes a part of us.

    By Brit1117
    I’m not sure why someone would say this book is the worst they’ve ever read. This book is amazing. Amelia you have outdone yourself once again. Nothing was what I expected it to be and I love the multiple plot twist that happens.
  • No. Just no.

    By MysteryAddict23
    This book was, without a shadow of a doubt, THE worst book I have ever read. The writing is horrible, just sloppy and repetitive slush that leads nowhere. The constant grammar mistakes are jarring, and the fact that the characters can’t get through a single interaction without rambling off a ridiculous monologue made this a painful read. How some people actually gave this book more than one star is bewildering. Honestly, it doesn’t even deserve one star at all. The warning from the author at the beginning was a huge red flag that I sadly ignored. Don’t bother with this one unless you really hate yourself.
  • Same as her last series

    By REINA-
    Did you read the Fae chronicles? Well don’t because it’s almost the same as this. The witch that’s isn’t a witch. The man being a beast that is unknown. The blood contract. The portals being down its legitimately the same book different characters. Not to mention the verbal and sexual abuse. I am all for kinky dirty talk but this is just a tad much.
  • Flames of chaos

    By romancereader77
    Really good book! Main characters are interesting. Knox’s and Aria’s characters aren’t the only interesting characters in the story. I liked all the characters. The story is really set up well. Ending leaves you wanting more.
  • Flames of chaos Amelia Hutchins

    By Tommyboy3779
    This is my very first book I’ve read by Amelia Hutchins and all I can say is I am buying all her books!! I need more!! I could not put this book down it was one of those books that you really sink into from beginning to end!! The characters were absolutely amazing!! I am in love with Aria and Knox!! I cannot not wait for the next one!! I laughed, I cried, I got angry, I got tears in my eyes!! I learned to start drinking pineapple juice lol!! If you haven’t read this book!! You need to read it !! I fell in love with another author and yes I just purchased all her books!! You are a queen Amelia Hutchins!! I’m a fan for life!! I’m part of this crazy tribe!! I give this book 5 stars but if I could give it more I would 💞
  • Great new series by Amelia

    By DinoMich
    Great start to a new series!
  • Exceptional Story

    By ayoung06
    This story is captivating on so many aspects. The world building is amazing. The storyline is amazing. The characters are amazing. And not just the main characters but the secondary ones, as well. You can tell Hutchins is building them up, laying the ground work for each of us to fall for her characters. She makes them come alive off the pages. The romance is chaotic and brutal. You can already tell their story is just the beginning, and it’s going to be crazy one. Aria is strong and fierce and inspiring; she’s an amazing female lead character. Knox is...*sigh*. You hate him but you’re also falling for him. You can’t help but to go back and forth with your feelings for him. Hutchin’s talent is more than amazing. You won’t regret starting this series. 5+star rating.
  • Amelia Does it AGAIN!!

    By Té 1984
    Amelia has an amazing way of sucking you into the worlds that she creates. I’m a HUGE fan of her series The Fae Chronicles, and her Monsters series as well. I love Aria’s fire! And, I definitely have a love hate relationship with Knox. I’ll be waiting on pins and needles for the next book to come out.