50 Greatest Poems of Lord Byron - Lord Byron

50 Greatest Poems of Lord Byron

By Lord Byron

  • Release Date: 2011-09-29
  • Genre: Poetry


Lord Byron was born in Dover, England in 1788. He was one of the second generation of Romantic Poets closely associated with Keats and Shelley. Byron was considered one of the first celebrities known as much for his excesses as for his poetry. Byron was born into a notorious family his father being Captain Mad Jack Byron an adventurer who squandered most of the family wealth. However he came into considerable wealth through the death of an uncle, and enjoyed a privileged education at Harrow and Cambridge. His later affair with Lady Caroline Lamb scandalised society and led to his notorious reputation as “ Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know.” His latter affairs especially with his half-sister cemented this reputation, leading to a self imposed exile in Italy and Greece where he eventually died in 1824 supporting the Greek Independence movement. His poetical output was prolific and his epics Don Juan and Childe Harold bought him critical acclaim in his life time