The Letters of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford — Volume 2 - Horace Walpole

The Letters of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford — Volume 2

By Horace Walpole

  • Release Date: 1797-01-01
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs


This is a biographical book. I have been so shut up in the House of Commons for this last fortnight or three weeks, that I have not had time to write you a line: we have not had such a session since the famous beginning of last Parliament. I am come hither for a day or two of rest and air, and find the additional pleasure of great beauty in my improvements: I could talk to you through the whole sheet, and with much more satisfaction, upon this head; but I shall postpone my own amusement to yours, for I am sure you want much more to know what has been doing in Parliament than at Strawberry Hill. You will conclude that we have been fighting over the peace; but we have not. It is laid before Parliament, but will not be taken up; the Opposition foresee that a vote of approbation would pass, and therefore will not begin upon it, as they wish to reserve it for censure in the next reign--or perhaps the next reign does not care to censure now what he must hereafter maintain--and the ministry do not seem to think their treaty so perfect as not to be liable to blame, should it come to be canvassed.