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  • Expensive

    By Gabriel . Q
    But a good book
  • Nice, but links do not work and hard to navigate

    By CT_Gamer
    After losing several of my warhammer army books in a flood, I decided to go digital with one to see if that was a better way for me to use and store my gaming books. I started with this one. At first, I was pleased with it. the text is sharp, and the images are beautiful on a iPad with retina display. But difficulties in actually navigating the book detract from it's promise. All 3 issues should be resolvable by GW with a little effort. 1. The quick links (denoted by red-circled A, S, and B) are a great idea - but simply don't work. Several of them don;t work at all, others actually have the hot spot nearby, but not ON the dot, and others are so slow to respond that you don't think they are working, but then all of a sudden your page jumps! I also purchased the Necron 40K ebook, and the links in that book work fine. 2. The Index only shows one chapter at a time. There is no way to view all chapters of the book and jump to the one you want. There are scroll dots at the bottom of the page you can select, but they are not labeled so you can't go to a specific section. 3. they need to add a 'back' and 'forward' button so you can jump to the last page you were looking at, and then forward again. And I agree with the prior reviewer that the eBook should be a free or low-cost addition for purchasers of the hardcopy version.
  • Good

    By Sack Piece
    Yeah the price is only 50 cents less than print - which is less than ideal. But the book is good. Having been formatted for the iPad with features not in print: 3d views of some models which is beyond great for painting reference (honestly if everything was a 3d view, I would rate this five stars), links for units allow quick 'page flipping' from entry to rules/cost, and they allow quick links to special rules. Click on a rule and BAM, up pops a dialog describing it (or where it can be found in the case of general rules). It has actually been quite functional and nice to use. I will be purchasing other codices in the future via this format with no regrets. If this were 10$ cheaper I would be giving it five stars without all models in full 3d glory.
  • Unbelievable!!

    By Painting Tentacle
    Are you kidding me. Charging the same price for an eBook as the hard cover. Give me a break. GW is just killing their own franchise. You don't have any on going costs for this products. Lower your prices already.
  • Still too expensive

    By dreadnought9
    Privateer press just released their app. For $7 you get the entire faction deck that has rules for all of their units and a free rule book. I'm not saying that GW has to follow, but $45 the same price as a hard bound actual physical book. No way.
  • Beware scam!

    By Peener93
    Too expensive!! Don't give in to the GW scam!