The Maid's Tale - Tom Quinn & Rose Plummer

The Maid's Tale

By Tom Quinn & Rose Plummer

  • Release Date: 2011-09-15
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs


Praise for Lives of the Servants:
‘Reading this fascinating book is likely to unleash almost anyone’s Inner Bolshevik…!' Daily Mail
‘...a fascinating portrait of the drudgery and servility of a domestic's life.' The Age
‘...captures the subtleties of the English class system to an extraordinary degree.' Midstate Observer
'If the Brothers Grimm had ended Cinderella where she was being forced to clean the house by her stepsisters, they might have accidentally been writing Rose Plummer's biography. The maid's story makes for harsh, heartbreaking, fascinating reading.’ The Daily Telegraph, NZ

Born in 1910, Rose Plummer grew up in an East End slum, where she and fought an unending battle with hunger and squalor.

At the age of fifteen, Rose started work as a live-in maid, and despite the poverty of her childhood, nothing could have prepared her for the long hours, the backbreaking work and the harshness of a world in which servants were treated as if they were less than human.

But however difficult life became, Rose found something to laugh about, and her remarkable spirit and gift for friendship shines through in her memories of a now-vanished world.