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  • DIY Fermentation

    By Jenne Kopalek
    This book shows you how to ferment everything! From fruits and vegetables to barbecue sauce to alcohol. I am in heaven! This book takes you back to the basics of cooking and preserving foods. I have this problem when I shop and want cabbage I don't want to make the entire head. Not to be wasteful I love the idea of making sauerkraut to pair with the Czech cuisines we often make in our home. The best part of fermentation is the digestive help it gives are digestive system. They place good bacteria to help us digest. This is such an awesome read for this. This book fully goes through the process of fermenting foods with plenty of recipes for any type of food you can think to ferment. I know I can be completely confident with this book when attempting to create fermented recipes in my kitchen.
  • Detailed and easy to follow

    By rururirurirurururutur
    I have been interested in learning about fermentation for a little while now so I read this book and have to say that I am very impressed. I was unaware of all the health benefits this would offer my family. This book walks you through step by step so you can easily follow and be successful. The book gives you instructions, recipes, what to use, and even a troubleshooting guide. I love the little details it included liek the right temp to use. I had not idea what I was missing all these years and having such a large family "extending shelf life" as the book stated is perfect. I would recommend this to anyone
  • Loved learning about this and you will enjoy!

    By asiababy83
    I have been doing a lot of research on probiotics and healthy eating and I came across fermentation in my search. I have been trying to find ways to get my gut more healthy and eat vitamin rich foods. Upon doing this research I came across this book and I must say I am impressed! This is a great book and it makes me feel more confident in my choice to start doing things in a more healthy way. Fermentation may have you feeling like this food is unenjoyable but it is actually not bad at all! After reading the book I am more confident that I can make these recipes right from my own home without purchasing it processed. If you are thinking about changing your lifestyle I would definitely recommend this book!
  • Getting started with fermentation

    By JenWSharp
    I never thought I would be interested in fermentation but when I saw this book, I was intrigued. I was actually looking for health cookbooks and came across this because it does include health recipes. There are many health benefits to fermentation - we eat too many processed foods and the book explains that very well. This is a great book for a beginner and would be very helpful for people who have allergies and/or autoimmune diseases.
  • Very Informative

    By Brendansmommy
    Interesting! I didn't know that so many things could be made this way. I didn't know how easy it could be to make pickles! My husband loves, so it would be great if I could make some for him. This book goes into the basics, history, and benefits of fermenting. A good book for beginners, but there are many recipes that I'm sure veterans would love as well.
  • Good Starter Book

    By The Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbo
    This is a great informational book. I love how it really talks about history and purpose of fermentation. I do love pickles and sauerkraut, but not sure if this is something I would do. It seems to be too complicated and complex for my tastes. There are some health benefits to this process. It is a great storage solution if you have the time and space.
  • Homemade Pickles- YUM!!

    By LindaK1260
    Finally a book that gives not just one, but mulitple recipes on how to make pickles your whole family will love! But there is much more then pickle recipes- I love the ideas for the bread starters too! Very well rounded book with lots of ideas so everyone can find something that they would enjoy, plus the directions are easy to follow and understand!
  • Good Book with loads of great Recipes

    By sapphiregirl2745
    Great read for a beginner or expert, lots of great information. I learnt a lot of things and realized that you can ferment a lot of different stuff. One dislike I had was, there is no nutritional facts.
  • Great

    By tiffaytes
    I've been making my own wine for years now and never really thought about fermenting other things until I read this book. This book is very detailed and easy to follow. I haven't personally tried any of the recipes yet but plan to soon. If your looking to start doing fermentation yourself this book is great.
  • newbie friendly!

    By Mp1473
    Fermentation! if you dont know what it is this book walks you through everything you need to know and gives you so many recipes to try!! I personally tried coconut chutney! it was super good and the book walked me through it definitely something i plan on sticking with!