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Monthly Digest: The month of n..

Posted February 29, 2016 by Ana in Monthly Digest | 2 Comments
Monthly Digest: The month of new starts!

Wow, a monthly digest! How long has it been? According to my archives, the last Monthly Digest was… In July! Hot dang, dear reader! I’ve really let this feature waffle, haven’t I? But February was a chance for new starts and in this digest, I want to talk about new blog things! First, the layout that uses art that I commissioned from the awesome Nick Beecher. Seriously, if you need some awesome-looking art, drop him a line! He’s really nice, and I think his art’s pretty dang cool! :D This layout uses the ever-dependable Tweak Me v2 and resources from […]


July Monthly Digest: Being bac..

Posted July 31, 2015 by Ana in Monthly Digest | 2 Comments
July Monthly Digest: Being back & looking forward

Ana’s Month This month, I was back in more ways than one: Back to my home country Back to work Back to blogging I was able to visit my wonderful home country this month, which made me really happy. I got to see family and friends I had not seen in years, catch up with them, eat lots of good food, and take plenty of photos. It’s amazing to talk to my old friends again. We laughed about our younger selves, especially our drama that felt SO REAL when we were younger, but we just laugh about now. Oh, younger […]


March Monthly Digest: There go..

Posted March 31, 2015 by Ana in Monthly Digest | 2 Comments
March Monthly Digest: There goes my free time!

Ana’s Month My dear reader, remember when I felt okay because I had a nice little buffer of posts to keep my blog running while I was gone? Well, surprise! That buffer has steadily been updating while I have been busy with offline life, and thus been depleting. Uh-oh. I have a tiny break coming up soon so I hope I can relax and read a few books, write some posts, and just visit the book blogging world again! March was also an exciting time for the blog because it had… Away to a Whimsical Fairytale Land! AWFairyTale was an […]


January Monthly Digest: Being ..

Posted January 31, 2015 by Ana in Monthly Digest | 12 Comments
January Monthly Digest: Being busy and balancing blogging

Ana’s Month I cannot believe that January is over! It’s crazy how the first month of 2015 just flew by. I guess that kind of sets the tone for how fast the rest of 2015 will go, huh? Anyway, I’ve been busy! In blogging, I’ve been trying to build up a buffer of posts and reviews that I can rely on to keep the blog running. The reason I’m doing this is that 2015 is bringing in something really big and important in my life, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to balance life and blogging as well […]


Monthly Digest for November: A..

Posted November 30, 2014 by Ana in Monthly Digest | 4 Comments
Monthly Digest for November: Almost at the end!

Ana’s Month I cannot believe that December is tomorrow! Time is moving fast! TOO FAST! I can hardly believe that we’re one month away from ushering in 2015. So many things happening next year, so many changes, so many things to think about! It just makes you want to– My thoughts exactly, Kermit. My thoughts exactly. So what happened on the blog this month? It was all about Sci-Fi November! Every single post on the blog has had something to do with this awesome event, and I’m really happy about it! It was a lot of fun to check out […]


Monthly Digest for October: Se..

Posted October 31, 2014 by Ana in Monthly Digest | 2 Comments
Monthly Digest for October: Series and Sci-Fi

Ana’s Month Whew, this past month just FLEW by! It feels pretty crazy that October is over and that 2014 is coming to a close. I feel like January was just last week, and I would go on and reminisce about my year, but that’s what December is for! This month, I felt like I started and caught up with a lot of series that I’ve been meaning to get around to. You’ll see later in my monthly post wrap-up! Next month, Read Me Away will be all about science fiction because of Sci-Fi Month 2014. I have almost all […]


Monthly Digest for September: ..

Posted September 30, 2014 by Ana in Monthly Digest | 5 Comments
Monthly Digest for September: Friendships and Christmas

Ana’s Month Know what I love about going back to school? Making new friends! :D I absolutely love meeting new people and discovering our common interests. I’ve met other friends who love books and talking books IRL just feels so good! In terms of work, school is a good challenge but also manageable. I haven’t really struggled too hard, but I’m being kept on my toes. I like this level of difficulty. Hard enough to keep me on my toes but easy enough to give me time for making and deepening friendships. I’m also excited for Christmas! Okay okay, that’s […]


Monthly Digest for August: Goo..

Posted August 31, 2014 by Ana in Monthly Digest | 6 Comments
Monthly Digest for August: Goodbye, Weekly Digest!

This month, I’ve been really busy with school and things of that nature. My blog was running on a schedule and I was thinking about the way I usually ran it. Then I read Asti’s post about breaking up with features, and I’ve decided to get rid of the Weekly Digest. So let’s go through the components of my typical weekly digest and see how they would work better in a monthly digest: Life updates & question for the week My life isn’t a crazy roller-coaster of fun every week. :P Sometimes I’ll have very slow and chill weeks, and I’m […]


Monthly Digest for June: Now w..

Posted July 1, 2014 by Ana in Monthly Digest | 4 Comments
Monthly Digest for June: Now we’re REALLY getting somewhere!

Last month, I said I would be bringing in a new feature and posting about Bloggers Beyond Books. Sorry, my dear reader, I was still settling into my new domain, so those got put on the backburner. But I’m bringing them back this month, so that’s something to look forward to! I can’t believe that 2014 is already half over. Where did the first half of the year go?! It felt like I was just celebrating New Years! Slow down, time! Slow dooooown! June Reviews: I’d say that it was a pretty good month for books! Look at those high […]


Monthly Digest for May/June: B..

Posted June 1, 2014 by Ana in Monthly Digest | 6 Comments
Monthly Digest for May/June: Busy Ana and Colds

Hello, dear reader! May was the month were I came back from my break, and things went in unexpected ways for the blog. I got a domain, signed up for hosting at Book Host, and have been having fun playing with the fancy new things that become unlocked on this kind of hosting. :D What’s been happening in my life offline? I’ve been really busy! My non-bookish hobbies have been taking up too much time over the month of May. But now, the projects are done, and I can focus on other things. Like the blog! And studies. Of course. […]