Aside from book reviews, I also like to have other types of posts. These include weekly/monthly digests, some memes in the book blogging world, discussion posts, and maybe even an interview or two!

  • Book Breaktime: My posts about things other than books! Maybe it’s going to be about food, a movie, a webcomic or anything of that sort. I love finding out about interests that I share with other people. :)
  • Interview Time: I also like talking to people so having a sit-down with someone and interviewing them is good fun!
  • Monthly Digest: A wrap-up post for what has happened on the blog over the past month.
  • Talk To Me: Discussion posts about book-related things are great places to hear different ideas and opinions.
  • Weekly Digest: A smaller version of the monthly digest posts, usually featuring some sort of update to what my shelf looks like!

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