Talk To Us!

I LOVE discussions, and I love talking to people. In this feature called Talk To Us!, I’m combining the two things to double the awesomeness. :P So, how does this feature work?

  • Below is a list of topics that I’m thinking of writing discussions for, but would love someone to talk to about them.
  • Below that is a form where you can fill in your details and which topic you find interesting.
  • I’ll set up a Google Doc with some guide questions and share it with you, and we both fill it up, add questions and answers. Until we have a nice and long discussion that we can split into posts for both our blogs.
  • Post them, share them, link to the other’s post, and share the discussion love! :D

Topics that I’m considering:

  • Favourite book blogger tools and plug-ins
  • Books that we aren’t meant to take seriously (aka satirical books)
  • How to make a dystopian title stand out among them all
  • Favourite book couples
  • Unexpected endings: the good and bad of it