Monthly Digest: The month of new starts!

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Wow, a monthly digest! How long has it been? According to my archives, the last Monthly Digest was… In July! Hot dang, dear reader! I’ve really let this feature waffle, haven’t I? But February was a chance for new starts and in this digest, I want to talk about new blog things!

First, the layout that uses art that I commissioned from the awesome Nick Beecher. Seriously, if you need some awesome-looking art, drop him a line! He’s really nice, and I think his art’s pretty dang cool! :D This layout uses the ever-dependable Tweak Me v2 and resources from Creative Market. The theme of this layout seemed to end up at: watercolour brushes and images, which I love!


This year, I’m also joining into the Retelling Challenge because y’all know how much I LOVE retellings! :D I also talked about my favourite books, and did a bunch of minireviews!

What’s in store for the blog next month? Well, I’m changing my schedule a little bit, mostly to ease up on the number of posts that go up here in a week. Aaaand… Something exciting happening in the week of March 21! It will involve gaming. And books, and hopefully LOADS OF FUN!



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So how was your month, dear reader? Tell me!


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