Rating System

In a nutshell, this is my rating system explained:


Here is a longer version:


One star: This rating is reserved for books that earned my ire and had little to no redeeming qualities. Basically, this is the only rating which means that I actively disliked the book!


Two stars: Two stars means that I did like the book a bit, it had more flaws than good parts but it was still acceptable.


Three stars: This means that I have mixed feelings about it. I definitely liked it but it I’m not totally sure if I would give it a total recommendation.


Four stars: This means that I really liked it and I recommend the book!


Five stars: Ah, one of those rare books that just feels perfect to me in every day. This means I really liked it, I recommend it, and it earns a place in my “read over and over” shelf.


Did Not Finish: DNFs are rare for me, and seem to happen only when the main characters have attitudes that are incredibly annoying.

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