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February: What video game character would you take on a Valentines date? Recommend the game with your favourite couple!

Today, I will be talking about dating sim games, specifically otome games. You remember those “choose your path” kind of stories where you might end up deciding the fate of your character? Well, dating sims are kind of like that! You play a character and get to go with them as they live their life. The usual plot of the dating sim involves gaining the affections of your love interest of choice. :3

So I’ve decided to pick a few of my favourite otome game guys for my choices of Valentines dates! Cute anime guys ahoy! (Also, as a bonus, the games they’re from are… FREE! :D YES, FREE! So if you want to win the hearts of these cuties, check out the games!)

The first two are from the game Halloween Otome, and they are Mr. Wolf and the Dashing Count! (Sorry, Mr. Bandages, you’re kind of a jerk.)


Hellooooo, cuties! I find these two so sweet when I play their paths. Mr. Wolf is shy and absolutely endearing, while Count is suave and smooth. Definitely swoon-material!

What I like about Halloween Otome is that there are tasks that you have to complete to win a competition, and the hearts of your chosen cutie! A fair warning though, there’s a little scary bit at the end that freaked me about. View Spoiler »

The next dudes are from RE: Alistair ++, and they are… ALL THE CHOICES IN THE GAME. For reals, I adore Travis, Derek, and Shiro in all their own ways. Distinct personalities, lots of fun references in the game, and stats to raise! Yes, stats! You have to work for it, dear player!


Honestly, if I had a day out with these dudes, I would love to just have a video game day at someone’s house! :D



I recommend both Halloween Otome and RE: Alistair++ for this month, and if you’re prepared to pay a little more… Magical Diary: Horse Hall! I really like it because it’s a stat-raising game, you have to do tasks, and you can customise your character! Check out the trailer below:

I remember getting this in a Humble Bundle, and ending up loving it! :)


Currently Playing

Okay, I’m going to talk about Humble Bundle again but I must because they have a really cool dating sim bundle this week! I absolutely snapped this up because I saw Long Live the Queen!, which is a title from the Magical Diary developers. Also because HATOFUL BOYFRIEND. It’s a dating sim about pigeons. Yes, pigeons. BUT, the game that I’ve been playing lots since buying the bundle is… Roommates!

Take that as another recommendation this week! I really like dating sims, dear reader!


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Next month’s question is: Do you prefer multiplayer or singleplayer games? Recommend your favourite! See you then, dear reader!


4 responses to “Read Play Blog: Hello love!

  1. Oh man, I used to spend so much money on otome games, have you heard of Voltage Inc? Their Japanese (but translated) ones are fantastic but I got in so deep into otome, it was causing me some problems so I stopped… at least for a while. Now I’ve only got Hatoful Boyfriend because AY BIRDIES!
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    • Ana

      I haven’t heard of Voltage Inc! O: But I shall check them out!


    • Ana

      Yeah, it definitely reminds me of Princess Maker too! O: I’ve totally enjoyed it so far, along with all the ways the princess tries to avoid death. Haha!