Recommendation Time: Science Fiction (and Sci-Fi Month 2015)

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Recommendation Time is a feature where I rec books from a particular genre and ask for recs from you, dear reader!

Welcome to the first edition of the overhauled Recommendation Time! As per my quest to change up my features this month, I wanted to combine the idea of taking recs from the readers with my existing rec feature. So our first genre is…

Science Fiction!

Why? Because Sci-Fi Month 2015 is coming soon, and I am looking for new books to read this month and October, hopefully to build up some kind of review buffer. :P I had great fun with it last year, and I’m excited for it this year!

So let’s begin with some of my recommendations! Their titles link to my reviews of them, in case you wanted to know more and why I love these titles!

Legend series (Marie Lu)

OH THIS SERIES. This series broke my book-buying ban of 2014  because I tried out the first book, and absolutely loved it. I was listening to the audiobook from the library and it just drew me in. As soon as I could, I ran out to buy the whole thing, including the graphic novel. I binge-read the series and was just drowning in all my feelings for it.

A Thousand Pieces of You (Claudia Gray)

I do like the idea of the multiverse, and just LOOK at that pretty cover! Although this book is a little slow at times, I really enjoyed it and the universe-hopping that Meg had to do. Also, the romance. Also, the BANTER.

The Lunar Chronicles (Marissa Meyer)

I have a soft spot for fairytale retellings, and this series takes the usual tales and flips them into something completely new and captivating. The characters are heaps of fun, and their relationships with each other are what make it for me. (Insert my wistful sighing for Cinder and Thorne. I just… I JUST. I JUUUUUUUUSTTTT AAAAA.)

The Lotus War series (Jay Kristoff)

This one’s more from the steampunk genre, but I’m putting it here anyway. LOOK AT THAT COVER AND just try to tell me that it doesn’t intrigue you. JUST TRY I SAY. Because this series is so packed full of action, anguish, and awesomeness.

Ready Player One (Earnest Cline)

This one I recommend because my boyfriend and I read/listened to this together. He started reading it, and then I would read the same copy when he stopped reading it, and totally overtake him. :P I finished before him and I loved hearing his theories about what might happen.

But going back to the actual BOOK, it was just so fun and geeky and packed with things that will probably make a lover of geeky things grin. Then it manages to bring out a really good notion about reality, escapism, etc. Very very interesting, I say.

Brave New Girls (Various Authors)

Okay, so even if I didn’t LOVE this anthology, I still recommend it. I love efforts that encourage young people, especially girls, to get into science and technology. As a woman in a STEM field, I love seeing diversity in the fields because, if someone wants to get into science, I say go for it! Our world is amazing and wonderful, and we have the capacity to do so much!


And now, dear reader, I ask you for your favourite science fiction books, recommendations, or titles that you think I should read! I’ll be collecting them over the month of October and I would absolutely love to discover new titles to gush over!


2 responses to “Recommendation Time: Science Fiction (and Sci-Fi Month 2015)

  1. Definitely love The Lunar Chronicles! All Our Yesterdays has got a bit of sci-fi and I really enjoyed it! And then For Darkness Shows the Stars and Across a Star-Swept Sea are set in a futuristic world where mankind has been crippled by their efforts to advance with genetic engineering. And of course, Ender’s Game is a classic.
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