Sci-Fi Month 2015: Introduction post (and I’m back!)

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Hello and welcome, dear reader! Ana here, back from hiatus, and I am participating in Sci-Fi Month 2015! Unlike last year, I don’t think I can come up with a whole month’s worth of science fiction content. :( But I sure am going to try to read and review more science fiction this month! :D So, let’s get this intro post started!


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hey! I’m Ana, and when I’m not scrambling to do and finish work (always chasing those deadlines!), I try to chill out through reading, watching YouTube videos, playing video games, or cooking/baking. This year, it seems that videos have taken the top spot for “things I do while chilling” because I usually do something like browse the internet while I do that.

BUT ANYWAY. As for books, I love fantasy, science fiction, and mysteries. However, I’ve noticed that I don’t actually have a lot of science fiction reviews on my blog. GASP! So this month, I’m hoping to try and read more sci-fi titles and enjoy new stories! :D

How long have you been a fan of science fiction?

I’ve always loved science and technology, and I find it so fascinating to learn more about the natural world and what we can create and invent! So I guess I’ve liked science fiction since I picked up a sci-fi book and realised that the book genre existed? :O I can’t remember my very first sci-fi book, but I do remember Artemis Fowl (Eoin Colfer) as probably my introduction to the book genre.

But I definitely remember science fiction cartoons when I was a wee one! :P Jonny Quest, anyone? Or perhaps The Jetsons?

Why do you like sci-fi and what is your favourite thing about it?

Like I said, I LOVE science and my favourite thing about sci-fi is seeing what we could make or invent. For me, reading science fiction is one big “what if” or a preview into what we could be making in the future. I mean, come on! Now we have technology that was just science fiction ages ago, so what’s tech going to be like years from now? Isn’t that just so exciting?! :D

Favourite books/games/films/TV shows in the genre?

I did a post about some of my favourite sci-fi books here, and last year I talked about one of my favourite sci-fi games here! But as for films and TV shows…


Treasure Planet is such an underrated Disney film, I swear! The visuals are absolutely stunning, the characters are HILARIOUS (also, Captain Amelia? Totally awesome!), and the story is just so well-told through the lens of a futuristic space setting.



Yet another underrated Disney film, Atlantis! Okay so this may be more fantasy than sci-fi, but the Wiki says it’s science fiction and that’s good enough for me! See above for the reasons why I like this film, because of the characters, the story, the setting! I just love it, dear reader!

What are your plans for Sci-Fi Month?

This month, I plan to contribute through reviews of science fiction books and hopefully some discussions! ^_^ So I hope you join me in this, and let’s PARTY!


Are you joining in, dear reader? If this is your first time on the blog, HELLO! :D Hoping to meet some really cool bloggers this month!

Feel free to Tweet me @ReadMeAway and we can chat! :D


10 responses to “Sci-Fi Month 2015: Introduction post (and I’m back!)

  1. Yay SciFi Month! i can never come up with an entire months’ worth of posts either. I just try to keep to my semi-regular schedule of posting a few times a week, and it’s all good.

    did you see the John Carter of Mars movie Disney did a couple years back? The plot didn’t really make much sense, but it was such a fun movie to watch! I don’t know if they did Titan A.E, but that was a fun animated scifi movie too.

    • Ana

      Exactly! :D That’s what I’m trying to do, and so the pressure’s off to come up with only sci-fi posts. :P

      I haven’t watched it! :O I’ll def give those movies a watch though. :D Thanks, Andrea!

    • Ana


      You must watch it! :D I loved it, and it's just SUCH an underrated movie! YEEES, ATLANTIS. <3 I didn't know there was a game! :O I ought to check it out soon.

    • Ana

      EXACTLY! They’re not really Disney’s usual sort so maybe that’s why they’re so underrated? :( Even though I LOVE Disney and their stuff, I wish they would have given these movies more love because they deserve waaaay more attention! :)

    • Ana

      Treasure Planet and Atlantis are GORGEOUS. I swear, those two Disney movies need way more love! :O

  2. The Jetsons! :D Awesome that you’re participating in Sci-Fi Month again this year, looking forward to seeing what posts you come up with :)

    Also, yikes, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten around to watching Disney’s Atlantis, which is weird because I do like movies and stories about Atlantis…
    Lianne @ recently posted…Review: The Shards of HeavenMy Profile

    • Ana

      Yay! Looking forward to your posts too, Lianne! :D

      Definitely recommending it! Especially if you like Atlantis stories! :)