Talk to Me 72: Reading Ebooks

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Ebooks are a (relatively) new thing to me, because I have spent most of my life reading books but only really started loving ebooks last year. Specifically, ebooks from the library. Thank you, Overdrive and Borrowbox! I usually use my iPad for reading my borrowed ebooks because my library hasn’t got in on the whole “omg you can make it possible for them to borrow on their Kindle” thing yet.

Unfortunately, my old iPad has decided to just… Fizzle out. :( Bereft of my tablet, I wondered what device I could use for reading my borrowed ebooks. My phone, of course! I already listen to my audiobooks on it, so why not ebooks?

So, how did the change go?

  • The screen felt small, at first.

After getting used to the real estate of the tablet’s screen, the phone’s screen felt small. I thought it would lead to eyestrain or something. Oh but Overdrive allows you to change your text, silly Ana!

  • It was super easy to read in bed.

My iPad is one of the old ones, so it’s a little weighty. Reading in bed usually requires lying on my side, with the iPad also propped up on its side. My phone fits right in my hand, and it’s just a lot easier to handle.

  • It was also super easy to get carried away reading.

The easy access lets me just get lost in the book! I have ended up sleeping waaaaay later than I intended. :| Oops!

So, after some hesitation, I actually really love reading books on my phone now! :D

What about you, dear reader?

Do you read books on your phone too? What gadgets do you use to read your ebooks?

Let me know in the comments!


18 responses to “Talk to Me 72: Reading Ebooks

  1. Angie

    I have read on my phone once, and it was because my Kindle died while I was on the bus. Noooo! But normally I’m all about my Kindle Voyage! :D

  2. I don’t MIND eBooks but what’s really weird is that I read really slow for some reason. I think it’s because the screen is a lot smaller and my tiny eyes can’t take it. I still have a love for print because physically holding the book is wonderful. However, books can also be heavy so that’s a drag. When I’m going long distance, it’s definitely my phone for me
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    • Ana

      Oh! I totally know what you mean! When I’m reading on my phone for too long, my bad eyesight gets the better of me. :( But I do love my phone for trips! :D

  3. I just started reading on my phone recently, just like you! :D It’s because I wanted to make a serious dent in my TBR but my iPad is heavy… and also, I don’t feel safe leaving it lying around in the unlockable cupboard at work while I’m working away from it. So my phone it is! Except I get distracted by alerts… maybe I should try airplane mode when I read at night.
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    • Ana

      WOOHOO! *high five* :D I have my settings to have minimal alerts, so I try not to get distracted. :P

  4. E-books are a curious thing for me. I can’t bring myself to pay full-price for an e-book, so I either use, or Overdrive. (Which saves me life! I can’t get enough of it!) Borrowing books from the library without actually going to the library is amazing! I don’t usually use my phone, though. Typically I have my Kindle Fire HD with me, so I use that. But I’ve been known in the past to whip out my phone, if all else fails. It’s not as bad as one might think, as far as the small screen goes. The only problem is you can’t BUY books on your phone! Aggghh the agony.
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    • Ana

      I LOVE BookBub and Overdrive! They’re such great resources for the ebook-lover in me. :D

    • Ana

      My iPad is of the rather old variety, so it’s heavy than the great light iPads now. If I had a smaller iPad, I’m sure I would be more inclined to bring it around. :D

  5. I can’t imagine reading ebooks on my phone, but maybe I would get used to it after a while! I use a Nook to read mine, and it’s the tablet kind, but I am wondering if one day I’ll want the paperwhite kind, but I’m not sure! I definitely agree that I love to borrow ebooks from the library though! So convenient!
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    • Ana

      I adore my Kindle Paperwhite! My only real complaint is that I can’t borrow books on my Kindle through my library. :(

  6. Rana W. G.

    Honstly, I often read books from my phone. It is easier and I can read EVERYWHERE with it. I’ve never brought a book or a kindle in public (they never fit my purse). And I hounstly find it hard to hold something big while waiting for your order or in the mall!!
    I’ve tried few apps and my favorites are : Oyster – bookshout – bluefire.

    • Ana

      My Kindle is definitely a great ebook platform. :D Though my library doesn’t offer borrowing on the Kindle, so I must use the Overdrive app. :O

  7. I opened an ebook on my phone one time, and it really wasn’t very hard to read it, but I’d never use it to read all the time. For one, the battery. My phone’s battery is TERRIBLE, and I just know that it would die just when I got to a good part. Secondly, my eyesight. Looking at a Kindle screen feels like looking at something too small, so I could never rely on my tiny phone screen to give me my reading pleasure.

    I use my Kobo and Kindle! Yes, I have both XD And my library only rents out epubs, too. I think it’s because they can use the protection thing that deletes the book after a while? I don’t know. I don’t really mind, either, because I can use review copies and library books on my Kobo and buy ebooks on my Kindle!

    I once said that I’d never own an ereader because I thought they were the cause of death for bookstores, but now I couldn’t imagine living the life of an avid reader without one. They have opened up the world of reading SO much, and I would have missed out on some amazing bookish finds if it weren’t for my lovely ereaders.

    • Ana

      My eyesight is pretty bad too, so it does get difficult when I’m reading for long periods of time, haha! :D

      That’s great! My library rents out books mainly through Overdrive, so I can’t really use my Kindle for it. :P