Talk to Me 78: When do you write reviews?

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Today, I want to talk about when you write a review after finishing a book. For me, I used to need to write a review almost right after I finish the book because I want the book to be fresh in my mind. Only then do I allow myself to pick up a new book in the same format.

However, I noticed that letting my review for the book roll around in my mind for a bit before actually writing it was pretty nice. So, let’s talk! Writing a review immediately after reading the book, or letting a review stew for a while…

Immediately after:

  • Book amnesia.

My book amnesia is pretty dang bad, I have to say. Sometimes if I take a break between chapters, that break might stretch over a few days if I’m busy, and I might end up forgetting what points I wanted to bring up.

  • Gut reaction!

I don’t really react viscerally to books. But when I do, OH BOY, I know the book has really left an impression on me. When I have a strong gut reaction to a book, I like to get it down right away and hopefully I can record my thoughts more coherently.

  • I can pick up another book right away!

I don’t like reading another book while leaving the previous one unreviewed. If I’m in some kind of reading groove, I’ll want those books fast and furious!

Let it stew:

  • Coming up with new points to talk about.

Sometimes I’ll throw the book around in my head for longer and realise that there was more that I actually wanted to talk about. Maybe there’s an angle that I wrote off earlier, but now seems very profound after some thought.

  • Process those feelings!

I say this because there have been times when I’ve decided that I do/don’t like a certain aspect of a book, but then those feelings change once I actually think about it a bit more. There were a few times when I thought a book’s climax was underwhelming, but then realised it made sense given the context of the book.


So what about you, dear reader?

Do you read several books and then write reviews at the end of the book? Or do you have to write a review of your just-finished book?

Let me know in the comments!


5 responses to “Talk to Me 78: When do you write reviews?

  1. Angie

    I write my review immediately after finishing. I can’t “let it stew” or else I’m going to forget things that I want to say if I didn’t take notes. I very much want my reviews to reflect how I felt while reading the book, not how I felt after thinking about it more. For me, it doesn’t matter what I think about it later after further reflection, it’s all about the NOW. What did I feel while reading it and immediately upon finishing it. I mean, we’re reading the book NOW, we’re not reading it a week after we finished it. Not saying those kind of reviews are bad or wrong, but I personally don’t find them as helpful and they’re not the kinds I want to write.

    Writing the review immediately also becomes even more important while binge reading a series. It’s easy to start confusing books in a series if you’re reading several in a row. Although I suppose that wouldn’t matter if you’re doing an overall series review rather than book by book. But I like having a record of the individual books, so I have to write the review before moving on. I find that this also helps if I take a break from the series, since I can go back to my reviews and be reminded of how things were progressing.

  2. I always end up waiting until the last minute to write a review, and that’s not really a good thing for me because I have major book amnesia. Kind of. So I don’t really end up with new points to add to my review UNLESS I read other people’s reviews, which I don’t want to because that would end up influencing my thoughts.
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  3. Interesting question/topic! For me it depends on the book; if I really loved the book/spent most of the time flailing over it, I do try to type my review up as soon as possible. Otherwise, whether I liked the book or not, I usually take a day before I type it up, just to let the story settle and for me to approach it in a coherent manner (most of the time at least!) when I type up my thoughts :)
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