Talk to Me 90: One book, many formats

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Audiobooks, e-books, and print books. Those are the formats I usually read books in, though I’m leaning more towards the first two nowadays because they are more easily accessible. I also tend to listen to audiobooks when I’m on the go and generally can’t just sit still while listening to them.

If I start reading a book in e-book format, or listening to it in audiobook format, I hardly ever switch. I know other bloggers enjoy switching between the different formats, but either I forget or I just can’t be bothered, haha!

So today, I want to talk about my format habits, both consuming and switching between them.

Consumption Habits


Print books:

  • I commonly buy print books when I’m back home visiting my family, usually because the selection is much wider and the books are normally cheaper. When books are more expensive, I’m more picky about what I buy.
  • I usually bring one print book (a novel of some kind) with me when I’m on a short vacation or about to embark on a long plane ride.
  • For print books, my common consumption locations are at home, on a plane, or in a hotel room.



  • My ebooks are usually from Amazon (freebies and deals), my library, or are ARCs.
  • When I’m on a longer vacation, I usually bring my ereader because I don’t think I can survive a long vacation on just one book. :P
  • My common consumption locations? On vacation, at home, on a plane! Pretty much almost the same as print books, but I mostly read ebooks nowadays.



  • For audiobooks, I need to be doing something when I’m listening. It’s either when I’m walking, out running errands, or cleaning. If I’m just sitting around, I get fidgety or my mind thinks about other things.
  • I usually get my audiobooks from my library, and sometimes through Audible (they have free ones sometimes, guys!)
  • Location? In the car, or on a plane!

Switching Habits

So, do I switch? No, not usually! I don’t follow along with my audiobook, nor do I get multiple formats of the same book.


What’s my exception? When the book is really REALLY good, and I have to know what happens RIGHT NOW.

I read much faster than the audiobook and if I’m so engaged with the book, I’ll go find it in another format (usually as an ebook from my library) and read it. I will race to the end because I just want to know what happens, because I am now SO INVESTED in the story and characters!


What about you, dear reader?

What are some of your ebook, print book, and audiobook habits? Do you switch between formats?

Let me know in the comments!

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4 responses to “Talk to Me 90: One book, many formats

  1. AUDIOBOOKS. HOW DO YOU EVEN FOCUS??! I stick to ebooks and print because I simply cannot concentrate on audio books. Oh, look, a squirrel!

    It’s interesting to note that you have to be doing something to focus on the audiobook. I tend to generally tune out background noise both when I’m reading and not. So I fear I might do the same with audiobooks!

    It’s cool hearing about a blogger’s reading habits so thanks for sharing, Ana. :)

  2. I have no audiobook habits, though I wish I did because my morning and evening commute would be better. But, I have a hard time focusing when I’m just listening, and I imagine I would have even a harder time when driving is thrown into the mix. I do love me some print and e-books though! I’d say I read both equally. I stick with print books at home, but I bring my e-reader with me whenever I’m traveling.

  3. Oh wow, I can’t believe you can use audiobooks! I get so distracted haha – either from the task I’m doing, or from the audiobook xD
    But yes, I completely agree! I usually read print books at home actually, because I manage to finish reading a book in one plane flight most of the time (I usually have 5+ hour flights whenever I go travelling).