Talk to Me 91: Series Interest

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How many series are you currently in the middle of? According to my series taxonomy (Thanks, UBBV3!), I have reviews for this blog for 81 series. Eighty-one doesn’t seem too bad, and the actual number may be lower since I didn’t exclude series that I had already finished. But it’s a good ballpark number for me to visualise and try to understand.

Do I actually keep up with all of these series? No way! I have varying degrees of what we will call… Series Interest. Today, I want to talk about my different levels of Series Interest, and what questions do I ask when I decide to try and keep up with a series. Next week, I will talk about series that I lost interest in, and what I do about it.

But today, let’s talk about… Series Interest!

My varying levels of series interest are:

  • Serie-ously Interested (HEHEHE)
  • Interested
  • Not Very Interested

These varying levels of series interest will influence the following things:

  • How excited I am when a new book comes out
  • How much effort I put into catching up with the series (aka binge-reading the series)
  • How likely I am to try and find the new books

And today, I’m going to use the chibi Anas to help me! :D

Serie-ously Interested
Serie-ously Interested

For these series, I get really excited when the prospect of a new book comes out. I won’t put up countdowns or anything, but I’ll know the date it comes out and be waiting. Patiently. Like a bird of prey. TO SWOOP DOWN AND PICK UP THAT SWEET SWEET NEW BOOK. Then I will bring that book home and tear it to pieces– Okay, this metaphor is getting weird. Moving on.

The binge probability is likely because if I really enjoyed the first book and the other books are available to me, you bet that I’ll get through those. I’ll read those back-to-back so that all the details are fresh in my mind.

As for obtaining the books, buying the whole series is very likely. I’ll recommend it to my library, actively seek it out through online retailers, I JUST WANT TO GET MY HANDS ON THE NEXT ONE.


For this level of interest, my reaction to hearing a new book is out is “Oh, cool!” I’ll probably have heard about it but have forgotten about it until I see it on my Twitter feed or see it on the shelves of the book store. The binge probability of this level of interest is “possible” because I’ll do it if the books are available right away through my library. Effort involved? If I like it enough, recommend to the library or put in a hold request for an existing library copy.

Not Very Interested
Not Very Interested

Okay, let me just clear things up: this level is NOT for “I don’t like this series!” This level is for “This series just doesn’t pull me in like I thought it would” or series that I have tried to read but have not lived up to the hype that I see. My excitement level is meh but I will never ever go up to someone who IS excited and tell them that I’m not excited. (Because really, that’s just rude.) I’ll just sit back and feel happy that my fellow bloggers are happy with something they love.

The binge probability is unlikely because I’ll really only pick this up if I see it on the shelf of my library. Like if I’m doing some surfing around the e-book catalogue or actually walking in there, maybe. At this level, one good book can be all it takes to bump it up to Interested or to just drop it down to Not Interested.

And Not Interested is the level I’ll talk about next week! Hope to see you then!


So how about you, dear reader?

Do you have different levels of Series Interest? How does that influence your reading habits?

Let me know in the comments!


6 responses to “Talk to Me 91: Series Interest

  1. I definitely have these same levels of interest in a series, but my only difference is that I make myself finish all series I start. There’s nothing I hate more than not knowing the ending of something… so I always push through a series. If it’s a super favourite series though, I’ll go to all ends of the earth to grab the next instalment of the series. I’m not a big binge reader though. The only series I’ve binge read is the Vampire Academy series, which I love!

  2. I think my levels are pretty similar to yours, although it’s very rare that I’ll binge a series all in one go. Maybe with some other books sprinkled in between? Maybe I just like to keep myself waiting, I don’t know…

    And on the last count, I think I had started and not finished around 30-40 series, but that was a while ago so it’s probably grown a LOT.

  3. Awesome post, Ana!
    I definitely agree with you – I have varying levels of excitement for book series!
    I mean, there are series like The Infernal Devices and the Lorien Legacies, which I LOVE, get so excited about, and devour whenever the next book gets released, and then there are books like Anna and The French Kiss, where I loved it, but I don’t really have an interest in reading the rest of the books? Maybe because Anna can be read as a standalone, I guess :/
    And then there are books like The Selection series, which I forget the plot events for ALL the time, but I get so addicted, and I binge it!
    My varying levels of enthusiasm really do influence my reading prioritisation, if anything! I’ll prioritise books I’m more excited about, over ARCs I’ve lost interest in, for example xD
    Great post, Ana!

  4. I’m not a fan of series in general, and I read a lot of first in series books as singles. I no longer have a TBR list, but I did write down the series I wanted to continue when I deleted it, and I’m currently following 5 series. That’s plenty for me :)

    Nice post, interesting topic to think about!

  5. This is such a great post! I definitely see myself in the “Interested” section the most. Don’t get me wrong – I love reading series and I prefer them to standalones. But I just don’t see myself often NEEDING to pick up the next book. There have been several times though where I didn’t even think of reading a series and just pick up all the books from the library to binge-read. Thanks for the great discussion topic!