Talk to Me 92: Series Disinterest

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Last week, I talked about my different levels of series interest. Today, I want to talk about losing interest in a series. Specifically, I want to talk about how I decide that the series is just not for me, and what I do about it.

So let’s say I pick up the first book in a new series, read it, finish it and my reaction is… A resounding “meh” or a “Well, I didn’t like that.” To decide whether or not I want to continue the series, I end up asking myself the following questions:

  • Why didn’t I like that?

Sometimes the first book is the “setting up” book that promises epic adventure in the second one, and I can overlook that if the premise/exciting adventure actually does excite me. If the premise is unique or if I’m truly invested in the characters, I give the book an out: “Maybe the next book will be better?”

So if my answer to “why didn’t I like that” is something like I felt bored by all the set-up BUT the premise is awesome, or if it’s something pretty minor, I’ll continue with the series. However, I probably won’t go actively search for the book and will get it if I come across it at the library or something.

If the book well and truly felt like a waste of my time, and I just did NOT enjoy any aspect, the decision to drop it is pretty clear. :P

  • Is this series unique from the other series that I am currently in the middle of?

Okay, so with all the series that exist in the world, there are bound to be a fair few that have a similar premise. For example, there is a series that I love that is a high fantasy adventure with a travelling group of awesome characters. Then I come across another high fantasy adventure with a travelling group of characters that feels very similar to the first series.

Unless that second series has something really cool and unique about it, I’ll probably drop it for the series that I’ve already started and already know that I enjoy.

So now that I’ve talked about how I decide whether I should drop a series, let’s talk about…

What do I do when I drop a series?

Let’s start with the easiest one…

  • Move on.

Sound advice. I’ll just drop it and then move on because I don’t have time for series that either: pissed me off or bored me to eye-rolling levels.

  • Read the reviews of the following books.

So maybe I don’t really care about what happens in the books, but I may be interested in what other people have to say about it. Was it just me? Or did others feel “meh” or “bleh” about it too? Did it end up being something really awesome and epic? I’m just curious. :P

And if I’m really curious…

  • Seek out a synopsis of the series/following books.

Yes, I will actively seek out the spoilers because I may be curious as to what happens but not interested enough to actually read the book. Is this a bad thing? Hm…


What about you, dear reader?

How do you decide to drop a series? What do you do when you lose interest in a series?

Let me know in the comments!


2 responses to “Talk to Me 92: Series Disinterest

  1. The answer to your question is that I don’t “drop” series. I’m just someone horrified by the idea of never knowing how the story will end – reading spoilers isn’t nearly enough for me, I need to read it exactly as it happens. I don’t care how much I hate the series, even if my rage at it is intense and fiery, my curiosity is always worse, always. No matter what. But great discussion. I’m definitely interested to see what makes other people abandon a series.