Weekly Digest 19: The new video game feature!

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Hello there, dear readers!

This week, I launched my new feature: Read Play Blog! I’m co-hosting it with the wonderful Jeann of Happy Indulgence, and I’m excited! If you like video games, please check it out. Even if you don’t, I have a video game recommendation for fans of Contemporary YA books that feature high school life. :) If you’ve never played video games but love that kind of story, that little game should pique your interest. ;)

And if you do love video games, I encourage you to join us! Doesn’t matter how many games you own or how long you’ve been playing. We want you to have fun with us!

So this week’s question is: Do you like video games too?

(And I will again plug the new feature. So please go check out the post!)

On my shelf:

I was really lazy with getting books this week. It’s been a pretty busy and crazy week, so I haven’t been able to gather enough books to actually post about. :P

This week on RMA:


Other posts:

Blog-o-plane, now boarding!

So how are you, my lovely readers? How has your week been? :)


6 responses to “Weekly Digest 19: The new video game feature!

  1. I’ve never played video games so I wouldn’t know if I love them or not. I think what’s kept me from trying them is the fact that I have zero hand to eye co-ordination and don’t even get me started on my reaction time(PATHETIC). Lol! But I think if I take the leap I’d love it. Great job with your new feature, a lot of bloggers seem to share this passion so I think it’ll be loads of fun! :)

    I’ve been super lazy about getting started on my review copies instead I’ve been binge-ing on tv series(Reign & Teen Wolf) and historical romances! Hope you have a lovely week. :)
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    • Ana

      My hand-eye coordination is quite bad too! Sports are totally not my thing because of it, and my poor reaction time too. But video games have helped me a bit in that aspect. :) Thank you, Nuz!

      Haha! Same! I’ve been super lazy about everything lately. :) Thank you again!

  2. I am so excited to participate in the Read Play Blog meme next month! I found your blog due to seeing the meme on Happy Indulgence. I am a gamer myself as well and so far didn’t found a good way to add that to my blog, so I am hoping this meme will be a way to share my passion about gaming on my blog as well :).
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