Weekly Digest 20: Being “too tired” to read

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It sounds impossible, right? Being “too tired” to read. That’s what I thought before, but after this week, I know that it happens to me when my mind is focused on other things. Things that are pretty new to me, and it’s taking me a while to get back into the swing of these things. When I get home, I’m pretty tired, so all I really want to do is watch videos and sleep.

I’ve been too tired to read before, but it’s only now that I’m trying to figure out why I’m too tired to read. Maybe it’s because reading, for me, is an activity where my brain is “on.” Compare this to watching silly videos where I can kind of switch my brain “off” and just soak in the video. For a book, my brain is working on putting together the image brought on by the words, imagining character voices, etc. After a whole day of being “on” and processing important information, my brain is like “Okay, time to kick back and relax!”

Do you ever feel “too tired” to read?

As a result, the library eBooks that I checked out two weeks ago have expired and gone unread. :( I’ve checked them out again and I’m slowly making my way through them again. Therefore, my book haul isn’t in this post. Nothing new or interesting to report. :P

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So how are you, my lovely readers? How has your week been? :)


9 responses to “Weekly Digest 20: Being “too tired” to read

    • Ana

      I feel like I’ve been too tired to read or blog lately, maybe it’s because I’ve been so busy with school? This life! Haha!

  1. Oh I’ve definitely been there. After finishing a full shift at work, it is quite hard to find the energy or the time to read. TV series are definitely easier to watch since they take little(comparatively) energy and you can basically zone out and still know what’s happening.
    I’ve gotten used to reading during short breaks at work or else I’d never find the time to get to all those review copies!

    Thanks for the link up-I hope you get a chance to read those library reads soon. :)
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    • Ana

      So far, I’ve been too busy (or lazy haha!) to read the library books. Boo! :(

      You’re right, TV shows and videos allow me to zone out. Unlike books where I require focus!

  2. Being too tired to read is certainly something that happens. I’ve become a slower reader lately. :P I usually substitute it with audiobooks. That way I don’t have to use my eyes. Haha! But when I’m too tired for audiobooks, I usually just go with a movie or something. There’s no point in forcing yourself with something you can’t enjoy at the moment. I still love them of course. That doesn’t go away. But I’m glad it’s opening up opportunities for a lot of other things as well – music, movies, arts, etc.
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    • Ana

      Audiobooks have been working well for me lately. :) I think it’s the only kind of reading I’ve been able to get done lately, haha! :D

  3. This happens to me occasionally, but usually not for very long. Often, after a long day of work, I’ll WANT to pick up where I left off with the book I’m reading, but just won’t have the energy to be able to dedicate all of my mental energy into that task. So I’ll do something mindless instead, like watch TV for a little while. But eventually I’ll perk back up and do some reading before I go to sleep at night. I always wind down with a book.
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    • Ana

      I should get into that habit, even if it means reading just a little bit to unwind. :D I think I’ll try that out. Thanks, Miranda!