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  • Incredible Read

    By 'Get a Roof, Get a Gun' guy
    After reading this book, I completely scrapped my startup company’s business model for sales and re-wrote it with the Hedgehog Theory in mind. In just under a year, we are on pace to TRIPLE our annual revenue from last year. I’ve become a much better leader and our direction is more clear. I can easily say this is one of the most influential books I’ve ever read. I just hope my competitors don’t pick it up.
  • Very enlightening and informative

    By MG8Five
    Truly an amazing read!
  • Very Helpful

    By Keith Hudson
    Not only is this a GOOD book, this is a GREAT book. Very helpful to one who wants to take an organization be it business, nonprofit, or church.
  • Good to Great

    By Giraffygrl
    This book went from Good to Great!
  • Awesome!

    By sease67
    An awesome book that every business professional should read. These concepts can be seen at every company and you will know which ones your company misses right now....you already know it but this book helps you see it. Find a company with these leaders or get stay on a bus going in the wrong direction.
  • Great Read

    By Rjacksxu
    We're currently reading this in my Principles of Management college course, my initial belief was its irrelevant and not essential. Biggest mistake ever! Theoretically brilliant and comprehensive.
  • This book gets you excited to make changes

    By ksugreeny
    This book gets you excited to make changes.
  • Circuit City

    By Scottydinks
    Circuit City just shut down there store fronts but they are still on the internet they didn't want to pay the overhead on buildings so they have a few warehouses and ship out from there.
  • Circuit City

    Read the follow up book: How the Mighty Fall
  • Circuit City

    By greenbloody12
    I would really like to understand how one of the darlings of this book (Circuit City) ended up filing for bankruptcy and eventually closed its doors.