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  • Such respect for the truth!

    By lmzacf
    Found it refreshing to read the truth - praying for peace for him and his precious family!
  • I feel privileged to have read this wonderful Story

    By dhfkaf
    The book kept getting better and better as I read. I was touched and felt honored to share Prince Harry’s story. In the end, t was a beautiful love story. Maybe someday I will have the honor of meeting both Harry and Meg
  • Terrible Cry about privilege

    By tmcajr23
    How this book is even on the NYT shows a bunch of corporations bought this book and paid for reviews. Over this clown and bozo wife
  • Not as bad as I thought it would be

    By Amigo73
    Good ghost writer. The story, well, it’s the same ole same ole. No surprise.
  • Welcome to America!

    By Shydi16
    After reading bits n pieces in the news. I wanted to read his truth. His Mummy would be proud. After the way the monarchy treated Princess Diana; it’s no surprise they did the same to Harry and Meghan. His war experience seems to have been forgotten by all Brits. For them to strip him of his military status - he served,earned,and lived to tell of his experience. I think anyone who serves or served in active combat would be helped by Harry’s experience. And his recovery. The monarchy ended with Queen Elizabeth. Camilla will never be thought of as a queen. Nor should she be. Funny how a King had to give up his throne to marry a divorcee. But an adulterer can be king with the one he cheated with being queen? The way Harry has been treated is deplorable. Shame on Willy and Kate for not being there for him. Willy and Kate come off as snobby and entitled. Seem very distant to the common folk. Willy may resemble his mom. But filled with his dad. By Harry trying to be there for his royal family speaks loudly of his love for them and his country. Even after he was abandoned by them. I don’t think I could do the same. No one should blame Meghan for any of this. The monarchy was not supportive of Harry long before he met her. As for the monarchy cutting costs. Are they cutting taxes as well? Welcome to America Harry. Land of the free because of the brave!

    By Danielle Mclane
    I loved this book so much! I read it again after finishing it. His journey is beautiful and their love story even more so!
  • Read this now

    By lbl317537
    As a mom of two young kids I haven’t read an “adult” book in years but I bought this out of my curiosity for all things royalty. I laughed, I cried. It was beautifully written, raw and so interesting. I’m so glad the Spare decided to share.

    By Lsands1003
    An exceptional read & well written. Made me think twice about the British royalty & how they can be so complicit. Loved reading this novel about a man who’s no longer a ‘spare’ but a wonderful husband & father to his two children.
  • Spare

    By MPC1029
    Thank you for sharing your life and thoughts. But most of all for setting the record straight and correcting the misconceptions.
  • 🙂

    By Hot mimi
    Interesting read.